Police install AI-powered cameras integrated with facial recognition devices to unmask terrorists


Srinagar: In the coming years, the task of detecting terrorists who try to conceal their identities will become more challenging due to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence-based facial recognition systems by security agencies.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police have taken a proactive approach by deploying high-resolution cameras integrated with AI-powered facial recognition technology at various entry and exit points, as well as strategic locations in the Kishtwar district.

“This initiative aims to monitor the movements of terrorists, their accomplices, and criminals. The system is capable of storing up to 5,000 photographs and can identify multiple individuals, even if they are wearing masks. This increases its effectiveness in various scenarios,” stated Khalil Poswal, SSP Kishtwar.

The swift and accurate identification of individuals with anti-national affiliations will greatly assist law enforcement agencies in apprehending those who seek to evade justice. This advanced AI-driven technology aligns with the commitment of Home Minister Amit Shah to establish a terrorism-free Jammu and Kashmir.

The implementation of AI-powered facial recognition systems enables law enforcement agencies to effectively monitor the movements of terrorists, persons of interest and wanted criminals at key checkpoints. Through the application of deep learning, this technology analyzes and compares facial features in real time against an extensive database of known individuals.

To commence, this cutting-edge equipment, acquired from a reputable firm based in Chennai, has been strategically deployed at five locations within the Kishtwar district, including certain sections of the National Highway.

The system’s high level of accuracy in matching faces provides invaluable information for the identification and tracking of suspects, particularly active terrorists operating in the region.

Emphasising its crucial role, the Senior Superintendent of Police in Kishtwar noted that this system will swiftly identify a wide range of individuals, saving time and improving reliability compared to traditional methods.

Deployed strategically at key entry points and checkpoints, the system ensures maximum efficacy in identifying absconders, overground workers, anti-national elements, and wanted individuals.

**Real-time Monitoring and Multi-Camera Capability :** The technology features real-time monitoring with the capability to handle up to 16 cameras simultaneously, enabling comprehensive surveillance.

**Integrated Access Control: ** Through advanced technology, Hi-Focus provides integrated access control to law enforcement at entry points, enhancing security measures and enabling a rapid response to potential threats.

By embracing this cutting-edge technology, law enforcement in Jammu and Kashmir is poised to create a safer and more secure environment, fulfilling the promise of a terror-free region.

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