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Patients unhappy with cost, frequency of PET scan at SKIMS

Srinagar, Feb 16: The SK Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) is going to ask the working committee to slash the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan charges.
The PET scan facility at SKIMS was made functional from January 8.
At present, a PET scan costs Rs 14,500 per patient.
“In Delhi, the private clinics also charge Rs 10,000 to Rs 14,500. Then, what is the difference between the government and the private clinics. The rate should be brought down without any delay,” said a patient.
The patients asked the authorities to keep the facility open throughout the week keeping in view the rush.
“SKIMS is the only place in Kashmir where PET scan is available. Given the occurrence of cancer in the region, allowing PET scan two days a week is not sufficient,” said another patient.
“The management at the centre needs improvement. There are only a few people managing the show.”
Director SKIMS, Dr Omar Javeed Shah, while admitting that the price was high, said he would write to the managing body for concessions.
“The rate was fixed by a committee. We are hopeful that the charges would come down. I would ensure that nobody moves out for the facility,” he said.
Dr Shah also said that instead of two days, PET scan would be done “on 3 days after a couple of days”.
“At present, the radioactive material is being brought from Baba Atomic Energy Centre daily. Once we have the storage facility, the things would be smooth. We are at it. We will be having Cyclotron apparatus soon,” he said.
He said that the PET scan is being managed by well-trained persons.
“We have to rely on the locals. We have been trying to provide quality services to the patients,” he said.