Panic after fish in large numbers die in Dal

May 25, 2023
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Srinagar: Panic gripped people after fish in large numbers were found dead in Dal Lake.

 For the last couple of days, residents and visitors were confronted with the distressing sight of dead fish floating on the surface of the otherwise serene Dal Lake.

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Panic after fish in large numbers die in Dal 5

 This has created panic among the residents who recently witnessed a strange incident of exotic and predator Alligator Gar caught within the lake.

 “The water quality and level seem good, yet fish have died in large numbers. People are panicked to see dead fish floating on the surface of the water.  At Ghat no.18 and Nehru Park, the sight of dead fish is common,” said Tariq Ahmad, a resident of Dal Lake.

He said the incident has raised concerns about the health of the lake and its delicate ecosystem among the people and activists.

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Panic after fish in large numbers die in Dal 6

“People including experts are visiting the lake in good numbers. Experts including environmentalists have also visited to find out the reason behind the massive death of fish in the lake,” Ahmad said.

 Ecologists and environmentalists have raised alarm over the mortality of fish within the lake. They have appealed to the Fisheries department to investigate the incident scientifically.

“I also came across the visuals of dead fish in the lake. I am in touch with the concerned department and they have not responded yet. They should investigate it scientifically and explain the reasons behind fish mortality to the people in general,” Nadeem Qadri, Environment lawyer, and executive director Wildlife Conversation said.

 Meanwhile, the Fisheries department termed fish mortality of particular species a usual phenomenon. 

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Panic after fish in large numbers die in Dal 7

“These are very small Gambusia species fish. We visited the spot at Foreshore and Centaur Hotel area to investigate the reason behind the fish mortality. We realized that they have died due to the temperature difference.   These species died everywhere and they are in large numbers in Dal Lake,” said Rafiq Ahmad Sofi, Chief Project Officer, Fisheries Department, Gagribal, Srinagar.

 Dale Lake was recently in the news after carnivorous Alligator Fish was recovered from the lake. While the fish died within a few hours of recovery, the reasons behind its emergence in the lake are yet unknown to the people and experts.

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