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Pak Army played key role in planning JK attacks: Lt Gen Anbu

Udhampur, Feb 14: Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General, Devraj Anbu, on Wednesday claimed that Pakistan Army played a key role in planning attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
Lt General Anbu, while speaking at the Udhampur Army Headquarters, also claimed that around 200 militants are waiting across the Line of Control and are ready to infiltrate into Indian territory.
“(A total of) 185-220 militants in the south and 190-225 militants in the north of Peer Panjal are ready for infiltration, “he said.
He blamed the Pakistan Army for their direct involvement in planning attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.
Urging for an immediate solution in the connection Lt Gen. Anbu said, “Social media is also responsible for increase in militancy, it’s engaging the youth at a large scale and I think we need to focus on this issue soon. Also, we don’t communalise; those making statements don’t know the Army well.”
Briefing about the recent attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, Lt General Anbu said the ‘enemy’ is attacking softer targets as they are failing at the borders.
“The enemy is frustrated and is trying softer targets. When they fail at borders they attack camps. All 3 groups – HM, JeM or LeT are hand in glove. There’s no differentiation, they keep jumping from one Tanzim to other. Anyone who picks up an arm & is against the state, is a militant and we’ll deal with him,” he said.
Concerned over youngsters joining militant outfits, he said “we need to address this trend. In 2017, we focused on leadership and eliminated it. Social media is also responsible for the increase in terror. It is engaging the youth on a large scale, and I think we need to focus on this issue,” he said.
Anbu, when asked about the Indian response to the attack on the Sunjawan Army Station in Jammu, said that he doesn’t feel the need to do a ‘tit for tat’.
“Operating along the LoC is quite complex and challenging. I do not feel that we really need to do tit for tat. We plan our strategy and we will continue with this.”
A day after AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi claimed that five out of seven killed in the Sunjuwan military camp attack were Muslims, he sharply reacted to the statement and said that the forces do not differentiate on the basis of religion.
“We don’t communalise martyrs, those making statements don’t know the Army well,” Anbu said.
Speaking on ceasefire violations, he claimed 192 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Indian retaliation.