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Order Sarees Online with These 3 Tips

December 15, 2021
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Maybe you have an urgent event to attend in 3 days, and you cannot go without a new saree. What do you do? Well, you can get plenty of sarees within three days if you know how to use the online systems to your benefit. It has to be mentioned that delivery within three days is subject to your place of residence, so please proceed with the knowledge that you live in a well-connected area, preferably a city.


Okay, so city location checked, willingness to buy a beautiful brand new saree checked, all that remains is to order saree online and get it delivered. Well, to give more fire to your flames, here are four tips that can help you get that saree delivery as soon as possible.

3 Tips to Get Your New Sarees Quickly Delivered

  • Before you Order Saree Online, Filter Your Products Wisely

Sarees are available in thousands at almost every e-commerce website in India. These websites understand the importance of delivering to their customer’s urgent needs, so; they feature the option to filter products that are deliverable within the selected time period, in this case, 3 days. Filtering will help you only see the sarees that are deliverable within 3 days.

On top of this, based on your requirement and budget, you can further sort your search results to show the results in ascending or descending order in regards to the price of the sarees. These features are available on most major e-commerce websites and can be a lifesaver for you in these situations. It is advisable that you choose well-known and trustable e-commerce websites when you want urgent deliveries.

Once you have your products filtered and sorted, there are one of two possibilities, 

You can find the sarees you want and get them delivered within three days without any issue.

You can find that you don’t like the available options, but you like sarees that are unavailable for delivery within 3 days, according to the e-commerce website.

Let’s see what you can do if you find yourself in situation number two.

  • Contact the Seller Directly

Yes, this is an option that most people would not be aware of; you can directly contact the seller that is selling the product on the e-commerce website. You can directly ask the seller to make the purchase outside the realms of the e-commerce website and request them to arrange for the delivery for which you are willing to bear the cost.

Most major e-commerce websites have their own delivery partners that create the expected delivery information. You can bypass that system and use independent courier companies to ship your sarees within your requested time period at an extra cost which you would have to bear. This way, you can get the saree of your choice within the time of your choice, and all stays well.

So, this is also a good situation where the seller is willing to go to the trouble of arranging the delivery for you. In case it does not work out, you have to work a bit harder, but it is still possible to get the delivery within 3 days.

  • Arrange For the Delivery Yourself

If the seller refuses to arrange for your delivery, you can try to set up your own delivery with the help of independent shipping companies that will get the product to you at the time you decide at a fixed cost. You can set up the pickup of the item from the seller’s warehouse and set up your own delivery yourself.

If you are setting up and arranging for the delivery of your product yourself, be sure to ask the seller to deduct the shipping cost from the saree’s price as you are exclusively bearing the shipping costs. It should also be mentioned that independent shipping companies or big-name companies, they will charge a premium for urgent deliveries, so you must be aware of it before you go ahead with this plan.


These are three plans you can use to order saree online and get the sarees delivered to you within three days. The three days mentioned in the article are just an example. You can use this method to get your sarees delivered in less than three days as well if you live in a well-connected city.

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