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Omar draws flak for his Kashmir-China-Uighur tweet

Srinagar: Former J&K Chief Minister and National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah is receiving social media flak for his tweet asking Kashmiris to “google” what Uighur Muslims are facing at the hands of China.

 “Those Kashmiris tempted to look towards China as some sort of saviour need only google the plight of Uighur Muslims. Be careful what you wish for……….,” Omar tweeted.

It comes a day after 20 Indian army soldiers including a Colonel were killed in violent standoff with Chinese troops in Galwan valley of Ladakh.  

Apparently knowing that it will trigger a backlash, Omar disallowed public comments on the tweet.

However, it didn’t do Omar any good as people reacted on it on their individual social media handles calling the tweet “irresponsible” and one that can “criminalise Kashmiris” while “paving way for lynch mob attacks” against them.

“Those Kashmiris tempted to look towards China as some sort of saviour need only google the plight of Uighur Muslims. Be careful what you wish for” says Omar Abdullah, an ignorant emasculated politician who, if he were to know what Kashmiris suffered during the past three decades, would die of shame,” wrote Hilal Mir, a senior journalist in Kashmir on Facebook.

A Twitter user replied to Omar while retweeting his ‘Uighur’ tweet: “kashmiris know everything, even we know that u was part of abrogation of 370 article and u signed papers also for release.”

Another user tweeted: “@OmarAbdullah you are an inspiration to other collaborators who are fearing to write anything on social media, but with your unilateral move to shut off the troll box, it will scare them, we request your hollow esteem to allow people to comment on your tweets.”

Another senior journalist Muzamil Jaleel called Omar’s statement “irresponsible” which is “only going to criminalise Kashmiris, and pave way for lunch mob attacks” on them.

“This irresponsible statement is only going to criminalise Kashmiris, pave way for lynch mob attacks on Kashmiris (like the ones after Pulwama attacks) and provide a justification for sedition/ UAPA in the name of so called support to China (like the dozens of similar cases filed against Kashmiri students across states particularly in last one year),” Jaleel wrote on Facebook.

He question Omar’s statement by asking: “What does it mean to unnecessarily find an imaginary role of an already beleaguered community in the affairs of two big armies? How are Kashmiris involved in what is currently happening in the cold desert border?”

Jaleel added: “Kashmiris don’t need to look at look at Uighers/ Kashmiris didn’t look at CAA-NRC, Iqhlaqs, Gujarat or Babri masjid/ Kashmiris are bogged down by unimaginable tragedies inflicted on them every minute of their lives. Kashmiris are facing lockdown after lockdown, that has completely shattered their lives. Kashmiris are staring at the prospect of a complete annihilation of their home.”

“Kashmiris , however, look very closely at those who created and used the “myth of so called constitutional guarantees” to rule them for decades only to shut up and abandon the ship the moment those claims proved a white lie. Kashmiris look at the false justifications that were given to enact 39 and everything afterwards which, in fact, was only done to replace a Hari Singh with another version of Hari Singh. That facade, those hollow arguments, stand exposed.”

“Kashmiris closely look at those who haven’t still learnt any lessons and believe that they would enact another 75 and the “dumb maleeches” wouldn’t understand it. When the entire house is on fire, the fire needs to be extinguished. Those who believe that they can negotiate with the flames to save their personal cabin live in a fools paradise.”