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Now, Nawa Kadal Higher Secondary asks students not to veil faces

Srinagar, Apr 24: The students of Girls Higher Secondary School Nawa Kadal are enraged over the orders to leave their faces uncovered.
The students told The Kashmir Monitor that the Principal, Fatima Ladakhi, has asked them not to veil their faces.
Anguished, the students are out to oppose the direction.
“The decision is totally unethical. We have been covering our faces from a long time. We will not stop the practice,” said a student of class 11, wishing not to be named.
The students said they found nothing wrong in covering their faces.
“We fail to understand as to why our Principal has asked us not to cover the face. It has nothing to do with our studies. Hijab is in our religion,” said a class-12 student.
The students said they raised their concerns with the school administration, but in vain.
“Our plea fell on deaf ears. Those determined to cover their faces have been asked not to attend school,” another student said.
The students, reportedly, staged a protest against the order on Monday.
The Principal said, “Why you are highlighting the issue?”
“No ban has been imposed on wearing Abhaya. We have asked the students not to cover their faces,” , Fatima Ladakhi said and ended the conversation.
It isn’t the first order of its nature in Kashmir.
In June 2016, Delhi Public School (DPS) Athwajan, a leading private school, had asked one of its female teachers to choose between Abhaya and job.
The teacher preferred to resign. Three days later, the school had to tender an apology in face of the protests sparked by their decision.
The move had prompted the state government to state that “J&K is not France”.
In March this year, AMT Nursing School associated with the Government Medical College Srinagar also asked its students not to cover their faces.
The college revoked the order after widespread condemnations.