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No private hospital, clinic to entertain patients with Covid symptoms

Srinagar: The government has ordered all the private hospitals and clinics across the valley to not allow treatment or admit any Covid-19 symptomatic patient.

In a fresh order, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole has directed the private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and chemists to resume functioning in the valley within three days.


 The government also framed a set of guidelines and Standard Operating Procures (SOPs) for these private hospitals including screening of visitors and disallowing any covid-19 patient for treatment.

 “It should be ensured that patients and visitors are attended and screened at the security gate well before the entrance in to the premises.  In case of any Covid-19 symptoms are observed, he shall not be allowed to enter into the premises and be advised or referred to government Covid-19 designated hospital,” reads the government order a copy of which is available with The Kashmir Monitor.

The government has directed these private health facilities to strictly follow the SOPs and advisories failing which they will face strict action by the Department of Health Services.

 “All the private hospitals, diagnostic centres, dental clinics, medical shops shall start functioning within three days by following all the SOPs. Besides, the general public shall also be informed about the same through various mediums,” it reads.

In its list of SOPs, the government has essentially stressed for avoiding overcrowding and has ordered hospitals for allowing only 50 per cent of the staff to work on weekly roster basis. “This is to bring down the chances of movement in these health centres,” the order reads.

Similarly patients are to be allowed only after getting a prior appointment from the hospital administration via phone.

“All the hospitals shall give wide publicity to the phone numbers and ensure that patients and visitors shall not be allowed unless they have taken appointment on phone in order to bring down the chances of crowd gathering,” it reads.

 The government has also ordered the hospitals to provide its staff members’ protection gears and follow social distancing during working hours.

“All the private hospitals, clinics and diagnostics centers shall provide patients masks well before their treatment,” it reads.

 The hospitals administration has been ordered to coordinate with the administration for hassle-free movement of staff members.

Earlier Jammu and Kashmir government directed all the non- Covid-19 hospitals of the valley to resume OPD services.

All the surgeries were put on hold and only non- Covid-19 emergency cases were attended by the hospitals. Majority of the private clinics and diagnostic centers had also closed operation in the valley since March 22.