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NCML’s ‘Surakshit Mandi’ promises better returns, minimum storage losses to farmers

New Delhi: National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCML) has launched ‘Surakshit Mandi’, a new initiative with the primary objective to tackle the aggregation of farm produce without breaking the protocol of social distancing in the global pandemic.

This provides a direct platform to Indian farmers to get the right price, timely & affordable credit and ensures a safe and easy transaction. 

NCML is the country’s largest and integrated pre and post-harvest solution provider offering a bouquet of services along the entire supply chain in the commodity space. Through PAN India presence, NCML provides commodity handling and risk management services to clients across the country.

Post-harvest losses in agricultural commodities range from 4% to 10% for cereals, pulses, and oilseeds, of which nearly 50% is on account of improper storage and preservation.

A leading player in post-harvest space, NCML addresses this particular aspect by adopting scientific storage techniques for storage and preservation.

NCML has developed an in-house rating system for warehouse structures, and commodities are stored only in such structures that adhere to the quality norms as prescribed by NCML.

Apart from the storage structures, scientific preservation techniques are deployed to minimize the storage losses, including proper aeration, ventilation, and timely control measures to minimize the losses on account of storage pests. Storage in Silos is one of the renowned practices globally, and NCML is the first company in the country to offer Silos for the storage of commodities for private players.

NCML helps farmers sell their crops through its network of warehouses across the country with state of the art e-marketplace –  Surakshit Mandi uses a digital token-based queue system, the digital transaction for price discovery between farmers and customers. The digital flow of credit between buyer and lender comes to life at the NCML owned warehouses/silos/cold storages, which are nodal points for this whole process.

NCML is proud to announce that losses on account of storage and preservation are reduced by almost 50% in the warehouses it operates. Moreover, the Surakshit Mandi concept has started gaining momentum wherein various corporates, processors, and other value chain participants have started showing interest in associating with NCML for aggregation and procurement of commodities basing warehouse as a nodal point.

With the new Farm bill, warehouses are to become focal points for all the post-harvest requirements of the value chain such as assaying, test & certification, aggregation, procurement, sale, warehouse receipt based financing. NCML is keen to implement Surakshit Mandi on a pan-India basis across all the warehouses it operates, strengthen its existing services, and offer customized solutions as per the requirements of the value chain participants.