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`Nazneen Yaar’e Myan’e…’: Bollywood’s musical duo Salim- Sulaiman ropes in folk singer Noor Mohammad to repackage Kashmiri song

November 18, 2022
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Srinagar: Bollywood’s top music director duo Salim- Sulaiman has collaborated with Kashmir’s noted folk artist Noor Mohammad to produce a sensational Kashmiri song.

`Nazneen Yaar’e Myan’e Ye Tche Mulaqat’ is .trending on YouTube and social media.

The music director duo, who are known for bringing together folk and modern music through the musical journey `Bhoomi’, chose to compose “Nazneen Yaar’e Myan’e Ye Tche Mulaqat”.

A trailer of which song has been released on Thursday. , Sailm-Sulaiman has also roped in Bollywood singer Raj Pandit, who for a long has been working with these two musical maestros.

The song begins with the soulful voice of Noor Mohammad, who is followed by Salim-Sulaiman, Raj Pandit, and a chorus of almost 15 singers.

Apart from the modern musical instruments including Guitar, Piano, and others, the musicians have also used local Kashmiri musical instruments including a Tambaknae’r and Rabab.

While Noor Mohammad is seen playing Rabab, Sulaiman Merchant is playing Tambaknae’r to give a local touch to the song.

Noor Mohammad said that the song has been recorded last year in Mumbai in Salim-Sulaiman’s studio.

“We recorded this song last year in Mumbai. Last month only we shot it and its trailer has been released yesterday. The song will be released soon and we hope it will be one of the best Kashmiri songs this year,” he said.

Noor Mohammad said he was happy to collaborate with the noted musical duo. “I am very happy that both these musical directors choose to work with me. They are very much professional and worked hard in this song to promote the Kashmiri folk music,” he said.

Noor Mohammad said his other song “Tchulhama Roshie Roshie”, which has also been shot in Mumbai, will also be released soon.

Meanwhile, the song is trending on social media with music lovers expressing their gratitude towards the musical duo to choose a Kashmiri song.

“Thank you Salim-Sulaiman Sir for promoting ethnic Kashmiri music with such push. This will surely boost the confidence of upcoming Kashmiri singers. Have heard Jaanbaz Kishtwari Sahab and Rashid Jehangir Sahab singing this song on various occasions but ‘Bhoomi 2022’ has elevated NAAZNEEN to the next level,” commented Peer Zahoor on the song.

Another netizen Kashif Kashaan commented, “I can’t believe Noor Mohammad from Kashmir has joined Bhoomi with Salim- Sulaiman. This is a proud moment for Kashmir. Tche hue nae muchum kanh wafadaar mouji singer Noor Mohammad getting more fame with the passing time.”

A lot of Kashmiris who are living outside the valley said this song has made them nostalgic. “Wah wah wah. This song has taken me back to my roots in Kashmir,” commented Rajesh Raina, on Youtube.

In just one day, the trailer has got 10,000 likes and the song is expected to break the internet.

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