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‘My lead disappeared; don’t wrongfully claim presidency’: Trump rues as Biden closes in

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Democratic party nominee Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump in the all important state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes and if Biden wins Pennsylvania, he wins the White House.

Even as Trump’s chances of reentering the White House continue to falter, he has been warning Biden not to claim presidency ‘wrongfully’. Few hours ago, the incumbent President claimed in a tweet that his lead in key states had miraculously disappeared and that they would return with legal proceedings.


The Trump campaign has launched legal challenges in multiple states. The president and his supporters have made claims of widespread election fraud without providing any evidence.

Despite urging Biden not to declare victory, Trump did it election night.

“Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump said from The White House in the early morning hours Wednesday.

Trump followed it up Thursday with a statement before reporters which included multiple false statements about the election. 

Meanwhile, Biden continues to lead in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. Going by the current trend, the US elections 2020 appears to be inching closer toward the outcome with Biden as the President-elect. A candidate needs to win 270 electoral votes to capture the US presidency.

 While no winner has been declared yet and the results from key states are trickling in for one of the most bitterly fought elections in US history, the event has somehow turned into an embarrassment of sorts with Trump supporters insisting on halting the vote count.