Mustafa Rangwala, man who wrote original ‘Mauka Mauka’ advertisement is not happy and this is why

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For the first time, `Mauka Mauka’ writer Mustafa Rangwala has broken his silence over the advertisement which had become an unofficial anthem for the Indian fans before the India-Pakistan face-off in World Cup.

Pakistani fans had hit back at Indian cricket enthusiasts with the very same ad which was once used to mock Green Shirts.

Mustafa Rangwala, the original writer of the song, has now decided to break his silence. “Having written the original, Mauka Mauka ad in 2015, I am indeed aghast at how the tone of this idea has taken a distinctly crass turn,” he tweeted.

.He said it was meant to be a celebration of this rivalry, not a mockery. “Had presented the Mauka Mauka ad on Jan 31, 2015. The match was on Feb 14. Given only seven days to make the film. Suresh Triveni took over and worked his magic.

The phrase “Mauka Mauka” wasn’t in the script but his idea. This is the scratch edit he made before the shoot,” he said.Rangwala then shared the entire Mauka series where we see India facing different teams in the World Cup.

“See the entire series,” he shared, adding, “The second film in the series which was for the match against South Africa was a joke on India. Also, we kept away from jingoistic dialogue and macho displays of fandom,” he said.Rangwala said in 2015, Star Sports India had a Mauka Mauka film ready to congratulate Pakistan if they won. “It wasn’t required to be aired. Wonder if they are similarly well prepared this time,” he revealed.

This time Mauka Mauka was in a new avatar. It was themed Buy 1 Break 1’This time, the advertisement showcased the desire of a Pakistani fan to see his team defeating India.In the advt, the Pakistan fan is seen with crackers entering enters an electronic shop in Dubai.

He is being greeted by an Indian owner. The fan asks for a TV and in reply, the owner reminds him of how he broke his TV a few years ago after Pakistan lost. Hence he gives him two television sets under the “Buy 1 Break 1” scheme.

The advertisement ends with the traditional ‘Mauka Mauka’ jingle playing in the background. 

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