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Musk melons ease muscle cramps & prevent kidney stones

Now that summers have swept in, one is constantly on the lookout for a respite from the sweltering heat. Though sugar-loaded soft drinks can offer some relief, they can quench your thirst for just a short time and come with added unhealthy elements. Iced water can be a good option, but not the best if you’re coming in from the sweltering heat or going out soon after. So, why not opt for a solution that will keep your body hydrated for quite a while and give you amazing health benefits on the side? We’re talking about the musk melon that is a popular summer fruit.

Relished by many due to its juiciness and sweetness, this easily available and has some very surprising health advantages that can help take care of your renal problems and menstruation cramps.

Experts such as dietician Apoorva Saini of Santoshiarogyam Diet E Clinic, New Delhi, and Dr Aditi, chef nutritionist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, give us some more reasons to bite into the delicious, sweet and mushy musk melon.

Eases muscle cramps during menstruation

Musk melon contains a good amount of folic acid that has anti-coagulant effects. These help in dissolving blood clots, reducing water retention and easing muscle cramping, giving relief from pain.

Sharpens the eyesight

The rich content of Vitamin A present in musk melons in the form of beta-carotene is good for the eyesight and lows the chances of contracting cataracts. Vitamin A is also beneficial for the epithelial cells of the skin and keeps them healthy.

Builds immunity and stops premature ageing

Musk melons are loaded with Vitamin C and, thus, help boost immunity by stimulating and increasing the white blood cells that help destroy viruses and bacteria. It also stops premature ageing and prevents stomach ulcers.

Reduces constipation

Summers bring with it a variety of digestive problems, as the soaring temperatures can cause heat strokes and stomach upsets. Add to it the fatty foods one is likely to consume and digestive tract problems are commonplace that can lead to constipation. The fibre-content of musk melons helps add bulk to one’s diet and reduces constipation.

Maintains electrolyte balance

Since one is likely to sweat more in summers, it can lead to the loss of minerals from the body. The sodium and potassium content in musk melons help maintain an electrolyte balance.

Cleanses the kidneys and prevents stones

The oxykine present in muskmelon provides protection from renal stones and kidney disorders and the high moisture content in the juicy fruit cleanses the kidneys.

Prevents heart diseases

The adenosine present in musk melon acts as a blood thinner and breaks down clots, thereby preventing a lot of heart ailments.

One can eat around 250-300g of musk melon every day. However, Saini advises diabetic patients to stick with a lesser quantity of 100-150g and recommends avoiding the overripened fruit.