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Mumbai man loans books for Rs 10, says is content with life, denies receiving financial help

Source: Twitter

There is probably no greater truth than when people say books are a person’s best friend and if one is content with what life has given them, they can be the truly happiest. A humble bookseller in Mumbai seems to embody the concept as a time when the world is going through an unprecedented crisis amid a pandemic and many people have been hit financially, this roadside bookseller seems to have sailed through the crisis with just faith and his love for the written word.

Rakesh, who sells books in Andheri at a makeshift roadside stall, loans second hand books at Rs 10 only. But amid all the economic and health crisis that has affected everyone, Rakesh seems to have found a novel way to overcome all of it, his love for books. He loans them and sits there everyday without any complaints, reading. He is happy to loan the books to anyone at the meagre amount but just wants them to return it once they have finished reading so that others can then borrow them next.

Rakesh’s story was shared on Twitter by IAS Officer Awanish Sharan who expressed how he was in awe of the humble man’s grit and determination in the face of adversity.

According to Sharan, Rakesh says he has no qualms in life and is content because he has everything he needs in life, the books. He says that people earn money so they can indulge in what they love but for him he already is surrounded by the only thing he loves all the time, his books and that is his only happiness.

During the lockdown, Rakesh was reportedly offered help by many, considering his situation. But he has politely turned them down, because according to him, the good samaritans should rather help someone who needs them. He says he has food, a roof over his head and thus he is in a better position than many others who do not have either of the two.

Rakesh is also a specially-abled man as he doesn’t have a left arm. But that has in no way diminished his love for life and enthusiasm to live. He spends the whole day reading whatever books he has on different subjects and is content with that.

Twitter users applauded Rakesh’ survival instincts:

Mumbai Man Who Loans Books For Rs 10 Says is Content With Life, Denies Financial Help