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‘Mr India having his breakfast’: You think Kashmir is cold, what about this place then?

Twitter: @olegsvn

While most of us in Kashmir are shivering and prefer to stay inside our homes hugging those kangris, there are places in the world which are way colder.

Temperatures in several places in Russia’s Siberia have now dropped to record lows, as much as -45 Celsius, something we can’t even imagine!

Every year, Siberia makes international headlines for the extreme cold that the region experiences and this year is no different.

One such picture shared by a Siberian resident, depicting the atrocity of the bone-chilling cold has left people stunned. A Twitter user shared a  picture of how his noodles and egg were frozen in the air as it was -45C, in his hometown Novodibirsk, Siberia.

Twitter user, @olegsvn shared the jaw-dropping picture and wrote, ”Today it’s -45C (-49F) in my hometown Novodibirsk, Siberia.”

The picture has gone viral on social media, and Twitterati had a lot of shocked as well as hilarious responses to it. Many wondered if Oleg could actually eat his food or not. Here are some reactions: