Motivation: The need of present day world

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Hashim Zakir

We often fail in life and we get rejected. In short, each and every person is going through something which leads to depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

These things are just fears, and to fight all these fears, we need motivation. Here arises one more question: where does this motivation come from? It comes from everywhere.

Either you find a rock lying on the road or some people who have already overcome these problems and are successful in life.

They will give you motivation. Let’s take an example: everyone is aware of snow but ask yourself, have you ever realized that it gives us motivation? Believe me, it gives us motivation. How? The first time it falls and then it melts.

The next time it again falls and then it again melts.

This thing continues forever. People come and then they leave, others come and they also leave.

If someone wants to go away from our life, let them go. You don’t have to convince anyone to stay in your life because they are only temporary people, nothing else.

According to Google, fear of failing and fear of rejection are the biggest fears in our lives. A few months ago, I was trying to chase my biggest dream.

I was rejected and I was literally crying. Suddenly, there came a man who was wailing and crying.

I asked him, why are you crying? He answered that he had been rejected for the hundredth time.

There came a feeling – man, why cry now? Enjoy! coz I still have a hundred chances.

I can still try a hundred times and why cry after that too because after that there will be more chances.

This process will continue, so why cry and worry about it? Whenever we fail in doing or achieving something, everyone turns against us. Even I turn against myself and what happens – we people fall down and start believing that, “I am good for nothing”. But, we need to get up.

This is nothing but fear. A second chance remains to wait for us. All we need to do is (Go and Grab it).

Every situation has two possibilities – either I might succeed or I might fail. So why take it so seriously? If we keep taking these things seriously, it may lead to depression and anxiety-like disorders. According to doctors, depression is more dangerous than cancer.

We need to fight this inner battle. When we will fight this inner battle, there will be patience.

And it is patience that reaps inner strength.

(Author is a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at Cluster University)

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