More than 200 militants trying to cross into Kashmir from Pakistan: Doval

New Delhi: More than 200 suspected militants are trying to cross into Kashmir from Pakistan, India’s National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, said.

Pakistan condemned India’s decision last month to revoke the constitutional autonomy of Kashmir and Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday vowed the fullest possible response to India’s actions in the disputed territory.


“There are about 230 persons ready to infiltrate from different parts of Kashmir,” Ajit Doval said.

The number is based on radio intercepts and intelligence from the ground, military officials said, adding that some militants had already been caught by the security forces.

“A large number of weapons are being smuggled and people in Kashmir are being told to create trouble,” said Ajit Doval, who is considered one of the architects of the policy to withdraw Kashmir’s special status and integrate it fully into India.

Government imposed a clampdown in Kashmir in early August to prevent large scale violent protests. Some curbs have been eased, but mobile phone and internet services are still curtailed because they may be used to spark unrest, Ajit Doval said.

“We would like to see all restrictions go, but it depends on how Pakistan behaves. It’s a stimulant and response situation,” Ajit Doval said.

“If Pakistan starts behaving, militants don’t intimidate and infiltrate,” he added. “Pakistan stops sending signals through its towers to operatives, then we can lift restrictions.”

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