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Modi wants to execute Cong’s stupid thought, says Rahul

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New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the “PM now wants implement what he once called Congress party’s Grand Stupid Thought”. Gandhi tweeted “The Congress Party has finally jolted Narendra Ji from his deep slumber on Gabbar Singh Tax. Though still drowsy, he now wants to implement what he had earlier called the Congress Party’s, “Grand Stupid Thought”. Better late then never Narendra Ji!” The tweet of the Congress President comes after Prime Minister indicated that his government wants to ensure that ‘99 per cent things’ attract sub-18 per cent GST slab.

Modi had said, “Today, the GST system has been established to a large extent and we are working towards a position where 99 per cent things will attract the sub-18 per cent GST slab.” He further indicated that the 28 per cent slab of GST would only be restricted to a few select items, such as luxury goods. Last year, in the run-up to the Gujarat elections, the Prime Minister had criticized Gandhi, saying a “recently emerged economist” was propagating a “Grand Stupid Thought” by suggesting that the GST rate should be capped at 18 per cent.

“Under their Grand Stupid Thoughts, they want basic necessities of the poor to be taxed at 18%. At the same time they want cigarettes and alcohol to be cheaper. What logic is this?”Modi had said.

Since GST was implemented last year, the Congress has demanded one 18 per cent tax slab as the standard rate today. The party has also accused the Center of double speak and hypocrisy on the issue alleging that the government is now eating its own words by implementing all that it had earlier mocked.