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Messengers with Wings

All praise be to Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth, Who made the angels Messengers with wings, two, three or four. (Qur an 35:1) That is, some of them have two wings, while others have three and others four, while others still have more; it is related by Bukhari that the Messenger of Allah (saas) saw Jibreel (as) and he had six hundred wings, each of them filling the horizon. Allah (swt) says about him: He was taught by one mighty in power. (Qur an 53:5)

It is said that Prophet SAW was sitting in his home, his lower legs uncovered. Abu came in and then Umar and the Prophet remained in his position. Then when Uthman arrived the Prophet sat up, covered his lower leg and greeted him with the warmest greeting. Aisha witnessed this and she later questioned the Messenger of Allah about his action. He said, “Should I not be shy from he whom the angels are shy from?”
In the hadith of Jibreel when he came to the Prophet and asked him about Islam, Eeman, the Messenger of Allah said “Eeman is to believe in Allah, in His angels, His books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and the divine decree the good and the bad thereof.” Today we shall talk about Eeman in the Angels.
All throughout the stages of our creation the angels have been there with some duty. When we were nothing in our mothers stomach, an angel was there breathing a soul into us. They are there every day reporting to Allah our Salah. They are there every second recording what we whisper and speak. When the time of our death comes they are ready to take our soul. And when the day of Judgement commences, an angel will blow the trumpet to announce it.
Having belief in the Angels is a pillar of a Muslims. Angels are a creation of Allah. They were created from light, they do not eat or drink, they are characterized by neither feminine nor masculine, and they do not tire. Some spend their entire existence in Ruku , others in Sujood. And then when the Judgement is called they will raise their heads and say: Glory be to you, our Lord, we did not worship you in a way befitting your Majesty. They are the creation of Allah, a creation that took place before the creation of our father Adam.
The Messenger of Allah told us about their characteristics and duties. Amongst these characteristics are the following:
Firstly: That their creation is huge. The Prophet said, “I saw Jibraeel in the fashion that he was originally created in. He had 600 wings. Each wing filling the (entire) horizon.” (The east to the west as far as the eye could see). This event was mentioned in the Quran [And indeed he (Muhammad) saw him (Jibraee) in the clear horizon (to the east)] Takweer 81-23.
Secondly: That they have the ability to change shape, as we know in the story of Maryam, and in this hadith of Jibraeel when all the companions saw him with an intense white garment, with intense black hair.
Thirdly: They live in the heavens and from there they descend to carry out the duties appointed to them. Allah says: [Nearly the heavens might rent asunder from above them (by His majesty) and the angels glorify the praises of their Lord] Shura 42/5. This is just a glimpse at some of their characteristics. As for their relationship with Mu’mineen, the relationship is a very close one.
The Prophet told us that they witness the gatherings of Muslims in which Allah is remembered. He said: “Allah has some angels who look for those who celebrate the Praises of Allah on the roads and paths. And when they find some people celebrating the Praises of Allah, they call each other, saying, and “Come to the object of your pursuit’.” He added, “Then the angels encircle them with their wings up to the sky of the world.”
He said, “(After those people celebrated the Praises of Allah, and the angels go back), their Lord, asks them (those angels)–though He knows better than them–‘What do My slaves say?’ The angels reply, ‘They say: Subhan Allah, Allahu Akbar, and Alham-du-lillah.’ Allah then says ‘Did they see Me?’ The angels reply, ‘No! By Allah, they didn’t see You.’ Allah says, How it would have been if they saw Me?’ The angels reply, ‘If they saw You, they would worship You more devoutly and celebrate Your Glory more deeply, and declare Your freedom from any resemblance to anything more often.’
Allah says (to the angels), ‘What do they ask Me for?’ The angels reply, ‘They ask You for Paradise.’ Allah says (to the angels), ‘Did they see it?’ The angels say, ‘No! By Allah, O Lord! They did not see it.’ Allah says, How it would have been if they saw it?’ The angels say, ‘If they saw it, they would have greater covetousness for it and would seek It with greater zeal and would have greater desire for it.’
Allah says, ‘From what do they seek refuge?’ The angels reply, ‘They seek refuge from the (Hell) Fire.’ Allah says, ‘Did they see it?’ The angels say, ‘No By Allah, O Lord! They did not see it.’ Allah says, How it would have been if they saw it?’ The angels say, ‘If they saw it they would flee from it with the extreme fleeing and would have extreme fear from it.’
Then Allah says, ‘I make you witnesses that I have forgiven them.’ ”
Allah’s Apostle added, “One of the angels would say, ‘There was so-and-so amongst them, and he was not one of them, but he had just come for some need.’ Allah would say, ‘These are those people whose companions will not fall into misery.’ ”
They love the believers. The Prophet said, “When Allah loves someone he calls to Jibreel saying, “O Jibreel, I love such and such a person so love him.” Then Jibreel will call to the (angels) of the heavens, “Allah loves such and such a person so love him.” And the angels will love. And then Allah will place acceptance on earth for that Mu’min.” (Bukhari and Muslim).
And the Prophet explained that there is an angel appointed to the prayers one does for a brother in his absence. The angels duty is to say Ameen and to you the same.
And no doubt the angels assist the Mu’mineen in Jihad. In the battle of Badr the Messenger of Allah left Madinah with only 317 companions in pursuit of a caravan, unprepared for war. When the Muslim army found themselves confronted with over 1000 fighters from Quraish, all with weapons, horses, and preparation, the battle looked grim, especially since it was their first battle in Islam. The Prophet entered his tent, prayed and raised his hands invoking victory from Allah. He raised his hands so high that his shawl would fall off and Abu Bakr was there placing it back on his shoulders. He cried and prayed until Abu Bakr felt sympathy for the state he saw. He called out to the Messenger of Allah RuwaidanYaRasullah, In AllahaNaasirukwaMujizuwa’dak.” Then Allah revealed the verse: [(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, “Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes.] Anfal 8/12.
Jibreel asked the Prophet about those that attended the victory of Badr, “What is the position of those who attended Badr amongst you?” The Prophet said, “They are our best of us.” Then Jibraeel said, “Likewise, the Angels that attended Badr are the best amongst the angels.”
And the Angels are there when the Mu’min dies. Allah tells us of that day when they come to extract the soul of the Mu’min:
[Verily, those who say: “Our Lord is Allah (alone) and then they (lived) upright on them the angels will descend (at the time of their death) (saying), “Fear not, nor grieve! Rather receive the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised!] Fussilat 41/30
Just as the angels are a part of the Mu’mins life, death, and resurrection, they are also a part of the Kafirs, but in a different way. The Prophet told us that when Allah hates a person he calls to Jibreel saying, “O Jibreel, I hate such and such a person so hate him.” Then Jibreel will call to the (angels) of the heavens, “Allah hates such and such a person so hate him.” And the angels will hate him. And then Allah will place displeasure on earth for him.
At the time of the Prophet the Kuffar mocked him by requesting to see the angels in this life, claiming that only then would they believe. Allah recorded their statement in the Quran, for them and many others are people who believe with their eyes and not their hearts:
[And those who expect not to meet with Us (those who deny the Day of Resurrection and the life of the Hereafter) say, “Why are not the angels sent down to us, or why do we not see our Lord?” Indeed they think too highly of themselves, and are scornful with great pride! On the Day they will see the angels no glad tidings will there be for the Mujrimoon (the criminals) and they will say, “Forbidden to you is any sort of glad tidings.”] Furqan 21/23