‘Meri shaadi kyu karwayi bhagwan’: Wife’s rant during paragliding goes viral

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Scared of the flight, gliding over picturesque mountains, the nervous woman’s agony in a now-viral video is quite apparent. Even though the instructor tried to calm her down, it didn’t work much as the woman is heard saying her hands feel numb with overwhelming fear.

She is heard repeatedly pleading with the instructor, saying she is very scared and cannot look down. After trying to assure the woman that she is going to be fine, the instructor tries to lighten up the mood by cracking a joke.

“Your video will go viral, just like the ‘land kara de’ man,” he quips. He was referring to the video of a man’s similar experience while paragliding in 2019. Vipin Sahu’s video had also gone viral over his funny comments.

In a longer version of the clip going viral, things get more interesting as the woman is heard lamenting over her decision to get married. Blaming her husband for taking on such adventures for fun, the woman complains about her spouse, as the paragliding guide tried to calm her down.

“Nahi jana… Nahi jana (I don’t want to go),” she says right at the beginning of the trip. But it’s too late for her to do anything as the pilot-instructor takes the plunge.

“I will kill you Brijesh (her husband),” she is heard saying on camera. “Hey bhagwan, meri shaadi kyu karwai bhagwan (Oh God, why did I have to get me married),” she adds.

Much like Vipin Sahu’s first paragliding experience, the clip has gone viral leaving netizens in splits.

Posting the undated clip on social media, many even warned husbands to be prepared to face their wives wrath following any such adventures.

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