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Manoj Sinha & Srinagar

May 24, 2023

When Manoj Sinha was appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, those who conducted a reference check found that he was widely regarded as a ‘Vikas Purush’ or a proponent of development. As he completes three years in office, Sinha has ensured that his impact remains long-lasting in Kashmir. Even skeptics in Kashmir now acknowledge that Sinha has genuinely made an honest effort to revive Srinagar and restore it to its former glory. In recent memory, Srinagar has never looked more beautiful, greener, or cleaner. Those responsible for the beautification affirm that while one aspect of enhancing Srinagar’s appearance has been completed, the work on improving the city’s aesthetics will continue well into the next year. Srinagar will have undergone a complete transformation, evolving from a rundown summer capital into a modern urban center of India. It has already been highlighted that beautifying Srinagar is only halfway done. Smart cities require smart citizens to sustain and thrive. The administration, which has commendably made Srinagar clean again, will also be evaluated based on how clean and green the city remains even in the absence of major events. The responsibility now lies with Srinagar to preserve the new city infrastructure and demand further improvements. Citizen participation is crucial for the maintenance and upkeep of cities, especially cities like Srinagar. When citizens actively engage, they bring their expertise, knowledge, and passion to the table, resulting in more sustainable, livable, and inclusive cities. By fostering a culture of active citizenship and providing opportunities for participation, cities can harness the collective power of their residents and establish a shared responsibility for the well-being of the community. When citizens actively participate in the upkeep of their cities, it strengthens the social fabric and fosters a sense of community. Working together towards common goals allows citizens to build relationships, foster trust, and develop a shared vision for their cities. This leads to a stronger and more resilient community that is better equipped to overcome challenges and drive positive change. In Kashmir, particularly in Srinagar, numerous social issues can only be addressed collectively. Many residents possess valuable knowledge and expertise that can be tapped into for city maintenance. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities of their neighborhoods and can provide insights into practical and context-specific solutions. Engaging citizens as partners in the upkeep of cities allow the utilization of this local knowledge, resulting in more effective and sustainable maintenance strategies. Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) can tap into this vast resource of knowledge, which will not only involve neighborhoods more actively but also make officials more accountable. Citizens are the ones who live and experience daily life incites. Their active participation enables them to identify local needs and prioritize them accordingly. By involving citizens in decision-making processes, cities can better address the specific concerns and preferences of different neighborhoods and demographics, leading to more tailored and effective solutions. After successfully organizing an international event in Kashmir for PM Modi, all eyes are now on LG Sinha to deliver a futuristic, smart, and vibrant Srinagar for the city’s inhabitants.

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