Man Sells Luxury Watch to Stranger in Srinagar, Receives Walnuts And Rajma As Gift

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A man shared his delightful experience after selling his luxury watch to a stranger in Srinagar. In his post, Deepak Abbot, the co-founder of Indiagold, expressed that he was deeply touched by the gesture and had no words to express his gratitude for the “thoughtfulness of the stranger”. 

Well, Mr Abbot put up a post on X in December to sell a pre-owned Garmin Fenix 7x Solar Sapphire. “Anyone looking to buy a pre-owned Garmin Fenix 7x Solar Sapphire? Ping me if interested. Available at an extremely good price,” he wrote while sharing pictures of the watch. 

See the post here:

A few days later, Mr Abbot shared an update that the pre-owned watch was purchased by a person in Srinagar. He shared that he also received gifts from the stranger who bought it. He wrote, “Sold this to someone in Srinagar. It was a purely commercial deal (with an unknown person), but he sent me a huge packet of Kashmiri walnuts and rajma packets as a gift. Have no words for such goodness and thoughtfulness. Touched!”

Since being posted, the post has gone viral on X with over 35,000 views and an array of comments. 

A user wrote, “Good people are everywhere great people are God send.”

“So sweet! These are the unexpected things that make your day,” another user wrote. 

“Such heartwarming stories keep me hopeful about humanity,” the third user wrote. 

“My mom used to buy clothes from some Kashmiri chaps who used to go door to door in Bangalore. They used to gift walnuts too. Used to feel walnuts were more expensive than the clothes we bought,” the fourth user shared. 

“I always make it a point to round cab fares to the nearest multiple of 10. At times even 100. Kuch nahin toh ek free ki chai toh ho hi jaati hai,” the fifth user commented. 

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by The Kashmir Monitor staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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