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Mac Users to Receive Alerts from Apple for Liquid Exposure in Type-C Port

November 5, 2023
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Source: Apple.com

In the event of a liquid spill on any device, particularly a MacBook, users often find themselves in a state of panic, uncertain about the potential damage incurred, especially within the intricate components of Mac ports and keyboards.

To address this concern, Apple has introduced a novel feature in its macOS Sonoma operating system known as “liquid detection.” This innovative capability aims to identify the presence of liquid or water specifically in the Type-C ports of Mac computers.

The functioning of this feature involves the liquiddetectiond daemon, a background process running on Macs equipped with Type-C ports. This daemon continuously monitors the ports for indications of liquid, such as alterations in electrical resistance or fluctuations in port temperature. Upon detecting liquid, the daemon promptly notifies the user through a notification, urging them to disconnect any connected devices. This real-time alert system is designed to empower users to take immediate action, mitigating further damage to their Mac.

The liquiddetectiond daemon emerges as a valuable tool for Mac users vigilant about potential liquid damage to their devices. By actively surveilling Type-C ports for any signs of liquid, the daemon contributes to averting costly repairs and safeguarding the integrity of Mac systems.

It is essential to note that Apple’s limited warranty does not cover liquid-induced damage, even for water-resistant products like iPhones and Apple Watches. Consequently, Apple has devised various methods to detect liquid exposure in its devices, such as Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs). These small stickers, integrated into many Apple products, undergo a color change upon contact with liquids, serving as visual indicators for technicians to assess potential liquid exposure. As stated on Apple’s website, “Mac laptop computers and some Apple wired and wireless keyboards have Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI) to help determine if these products have been exposed to liquid.

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