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I Love all Creations Because I Love the Creator

January 10, 2018

Universal complexity is well known to mankind through years of hard work and dedication since the inception of MAKHLUUK or living community on blue planet. All living creatures survive on the non-living resources and create an interdependence linkage with one another with harmonic balance in eternity. The study of thus harmonic balance compels one to take a pause on the relationship among factors necessary for whooping universe to function.

Logically the question leads one to analytical resolution where the common stand raises above religion to believe on some super natural power at the back. Universe as is known and believed is a complex whole beyond understanding of man in entirety. But the consensus on its hidden power is well established reality in contemporary times. To some it’s Allah while others believe in Baghwan or so and so. That’s to say the common belief of entire humanity barring miniscule atheists is presence of Allah behind the wonderful creation of universal complex.

This super natural power with absolute sovereignty and absolute power created an amazing interlinking complex which sends shivers down one’s spine. Our fascinating blue planet with ample provisions for elixir of life presents wide range of scope for logical and spiritual analysis. Tracing right from yore of origin, Quran clearly mentions the arrival of Adam (as) and his subsequent life in haven. It mentions the pleaded request of angels to Allah regarding creation of Makhluuk with crystal clear rejection from former to venture in Khalik’s (Allah’s) secrecy.” You don’t know what I am creating”(Quranic verse). This creation was given sobriquet of Ashraful Makhlukaat with absolute but pathetic superiority over all living creatures. Once a man dares to dabble in this workout like solar system,the journey starts from known habitual planet earth. Our earth is a complex whole of amazing features like mountains,plains,valleys,plateaus,oceans,glaciers to mention a few.

This creation provides an insight into spiritual force into their creation with crystal clear interdependence. To say for one such bewitched resource mountains, holly book mentions them as means of stability to our earth. The presence of elusive elixir in shape of water provides fascinating scenery to Kashmir valley mentioned by Jahngir as haven on earth. Water is present in different forms with different roles to maintain the decorum of atmosphere and subsequently redistribute its presence. The complex Sun family provides insight into massive hidden treasure trove or what’s termed as dark energy and dark matter albeit our advancement exploration of universe along different dimensions. The most wonderful secret is the intricate relationship among these attributes which provide it stability without support of mankind. The handiwork of creator is beyond the imagination of man whose love connects our spiritual world to take a pause at supernatural power. It’s no more hidden that we are there on the trajectory of advancement ti conquer the secrets of universe,but the failure at core lies to its very novice beginning with contrary claims to origin of universe(Big bang hoax). In fact the reality at the core comes from venturing deeper into our success story, where something contrary comes to fore. We claim the weather prediction as success without ever thanking Almighty for the harmonic balance of dynamic atmosphere with presence of hydrological,nutrient,chemical cycling taking place at one instant of time. Ours is a story of Industrial revolution on one hand with Delhi’s smog on the other, thanks to CO2 and freezing during hot summers.

The story of mankind right from origin of yore is the steep failed ladder with clear tilt towards the self-instinct. Herein lies the space for critical analysis which is most often left at its mercy by humanity. The circumstances could which compelled man to venture deeper are there in materialistic pursuits. They never allowed them to look backward for serious rethink or refit if any. What is left behind for future now ….pollution,global warming,climate change,nuclear weapons,inequality,poverty in trillions of wealth,helter skelter atmosphere etc. Is this the care for creation? Does creator believe in our handling now? Will creator apologise us? Can we make creator happy by Killing of Palestinians and Kashmiris? Is war an unending gift of creation or artificial innovation to alter the created balance?

The belief of man to alter the established structure created chaos in originality of universal makeup which is starting to pay back through above measures. Those who love the creator would never allow the narrow mindedness in dealing with his creation. He’s one and only absolute sovereignty whose makeup in entirety provides systematic stability to support structure. I remember the story of a man about his comment regarding bacterial presence in toilet. He quoted them as useless creatures on earth. To his bad luck but superiority of Almighty,none other than the moisturised content of these bacteria when crushed cured his severe illness to prove their respective role and importance.

All this leads man to conclusion for enhancement of intricate spiritual linkage to Almighty for this amazing support structure. The treasure trove possesses immense scope for uncovering the handiwork of creator. To end without saying of Iqbal the great who replied to master about gazing for a beautiful lady ” I am not thinking from that perspective but this provides me the insight into the beauty of creator( Allah)”. This great intellectual thought sends shivers down one’s spine. We should amplify our link with creator who has provided us every means for nourishment much more than our parents could have in our childhood. We should take a pause at our past to uncover the reality of that link between creator and creation in this materialistic world. I conclude with a cautious note to bow towards the creator who has started our life from single drop to a whooping billions of counterparts around us. When we love the creation,we literally love the creator for this fascinating piece.

(The writer hails from Misribehak Machil, Kupwara and can be reached at mirshahid363@gmail.com)

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