Looking for a job? Here is how you can make a professional video resume

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Incorporating a video resume as a supplement to your text resume adds value to your job application. Though it’s not mandatory to attach a video resume with your application, but for some specific roles like television reporters, news anchors, public relations executives, radio jockeys, actors, teachers, soft skill trainers, front office executives attaching, a video resume is advantageous.

The reason is that the video resume provides the employers with additional inputs like communication and presentation skills of the applicant, and this helps in better decision making. The video resume should be short and should be aimed at telling the employer about the specific skills and experiences of the applicant matching the requirements of the employer.

An applicant can create a common video resume or specific video resume depending on the job she/he is applying for. An applicant can make several video resumes if she/he has learnt several skills and should use a specific video resume against each application.


To make a video resume first an applicant should create a script. The script should be designed as per the requirement of the employer. For example, suppose an employer is looking for UI/UX Designer the script should focus on UI/UX design skills and experiences. If the employer is looking for someone who has experience of both product and UI/UX design, then the applicant should mention both skills. The applicant should read the advertised job roles and responsibilities carefully before creating the script of the video resume.

For example, suppose the employer is looking for Digital Media Marketing Executive, the applicant should first make a self-assessment whether she/he is fit for the role or not. Because it is often observed that sometimes the applicant applies for a job they are not fit for. Even the fresher applicants must have learnt some skills pertaining to the specific job requirements.

When you are done with your script prepare yourself for professional video creation. First, you should dress like a professional. A formal get-up is advised for recording a video resume.

Take services of a professional cameraperson, use the collar mic for the audio, light should be proper and background should be tidy and professional.
The face of the applicant should be properly lit, light on half of the face should be avoided. Remember that the video resume if not created professionally may lead to adverse decision-making by employers. Be comfortable while recording your video; you must appear confident. While recording look into the lenses of the camera. The camera should be positioned at eye level.

A professional video resume producer edits the video clips to ensure that there is no repetition of the sentences or there is no noise in the background. If the resume has been shot on a green or blue background, the editor uses some professional virtual backgrounds to give the video a professional look.

Most of the online teaching platforms require a video demonstration by the teachers of two-three minute duration. This is aimed at examining the communication as well as presentation skill of the teachers. For creating a video for these purposes, you should create a good script and practice it several times in front of a mirror before going for a final recording.

Though the applicants try to record the video themselves it is advised that they get it done by a professional cameraperson or use a perfect light and camera set up for recording. If you are recording a video resume or introductory video lecture yourself make sure that you are using a professional camera, a collar microphone, and a proper three-point lighting set up. All these equipment is available easily on ecommerce platforms.

The length of the video resume should ideally not be of more than 90 seconds. For teaching platforms, the introductory video is of 120-180 seconds duration. Once you are done with creating your video resume or introductory video lecture try to get feedback from your peer group. You should incorporate valuable feedback in your video to make it perfect. If it is a professional video resume share it with potential employers only. Always remember to send a text or paper resume with your video resume.

Video resume is only a supplement. Don’t mention any new skill or experience in the video resume which has no mention in your text resume. A professional video resume can improve your chances of being called for an interview.

The author of this article is Dr Amaresh Jha, an Associate Professor of the School of Digital Media, Journalism and Mass Communication, GD Goenka University. He has more than 20 years of working experience in the field of broadcast and digital media.

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