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Living with COVID: Beating tension with a dash of creativity

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Srinagar: Amid COVID-19 gloom, Asmi discovered the joy of harvesting the fruits of her labour quite literally!
Every day, the 34-year-old government teacher, hailing from the uptown area of Srinagar, spends an hour in the garden, carefully mixing equal proportions of sand, oil, and cement to form different shaped concrete flower pots.

She nurtured this hobby in March when the lockdown was imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
A few weeks into the lockdown, Asmi began to feel the mundane routine of work, cooking and cleaning her house mentally exhausting.

“I missed face to face interactions, family gatherings, and wanted to do something that didn’t feel like a chore. So, one day, I explored a new hobby to keep my creativity and sanity intact. I decided to do away with the flimsy flower pots and make homemade concrete flower pots,” she said.

She chose the hobby taking into consideration harsh weather conditions of the valley.
“I was tired of expensive, flimsy pots that tip over in a windstorm and freeze in the winter. Also, once you devise a mold, you can make as many as pots you like. The sturdy flower pots are inexpensive and will last for many years,” she said.

Asmi dedicates one hour every morning and evening to make pots which brings a cathartic effect in her life.
“Initially, when I tried my hand at the pot making, I failed. It was after three unsuccessful attempts, I came up with a flower pot,” she said.
Asmi believes that the best part of this hobby is that the flowers blooming happily in pots after they are made.
“You actually can see the ‘fruits’ of your labor and that is quite rewarding. Besides, engaging in something you enjoy is the best to beat the COVID blues,” she concluded.