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Lift travel advisories

May 22, 2023

Lifting travel advisories is essential for promoting tourism. It is particularly significant for Kashmir, where travel advisories, especially from Western countries, have hindered tourist inflow impacting the region’s economy. The G20 Tourism Working Group meeting in Kashmir presents an opportune moment for visiting countries to commit to lifting travel advisories. Kashmir’s economy, like many others, relies heavily on tourism. Tourism accounts for 6 to 7 percent of J&K’s GDP. Tourism has the potential to contribute 20 percent to J&K’s GDP. The G20 meeting is an opportunity to showcase our potential to attract investment and make it one of the top destinations in the globe. By lifting travel advisories, more foreign tourists can be attracted to Kashmir, leading to economic growth. Tourism contributes to revenue generation through various sectors such as accommodation, transportation, handicrafts, and other -related activities. Encouraging travel to Kashmir will benefit local businesses, create employment opportunities, and stimulate income generation, thereby expanding trade relations. The tourism industry is labor-intensive, offering a wide array of job opportunities. Lifting travel advisories will enable tourism-dependent businesses in Kashmir to flourish and expand. This not only benefits the tourism industry but also will help local communities by reducing unemployment rates and improving livelihoods, particularly in rural areas. Travel facilitates cultural exchange and understanding among different countries and communities. It lets individuals experience diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and customs firsthand. By lifting travel advisories, governments can foster cross-cultural interactions, promoting greater understanding, tolerance, and appreciation among people from different backgrounds. Allowing citizens to visit Kashmir is an excellent way to learn more about its beauty and deepen cultural connections. Many tourist destinations rely on tourism revenue to preserve and conserve their cultural heritage, natural landscapes, and wildlife. Lifting travel advisories enables visitors to contribute to sustainable tourism practices and support conservation efforts. Sustainable tourism promotes responsible travel, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and cultural heritage while ensuring their long-term preservation. Tourism also plays a vital role in strengthening international relations and fostering diplomatic ties. Encouraging travel to Kashmir allows friendly countries to nurture connections, fostering cooperation, understanding, and goodwill with India. Tourism catalyzes diplomatic initiatives, cultural exchanges, and collaborations across various fields. Traveling offers numerous psychological and well-being benefits. It provides opportunities for relaxation, rejuvenation, stress relief, and personal growth. Through travel, people gain new experiences, create lasting memories, and broaden their perspectives. Collaborative efforts among governments, travel industry stakeholders, and health authorities can establish protocols and guidelines to ensure safe and responsible travel. Considering the improving safety situation in Kashmir, it is high time for G20 countries to evaluate the data from recent years and initiate the process of withdrawing existing travel advisories, allowing their citizens to experience the region’s safety and beauty firsthand. 

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