Lee Sun-Kyun Passes Away: 5 Key Highlights About the ‘Parasite’ Actor

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South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun, known for his role in the Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite,’ has tragically passed away at 48 years old in central Seoul. According to AFP, the circumstances suggest an apparent suicide, with his wife informing the police about a discovered note indicating such intentions.

Here are five significant points about the actor:

Early Life and Education: Born in 1975 in Seoul, South Korea, Lee Sun-kyun attended the Korean National University of Arts, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Career Highlights: Lee gained prominence for his outstanding performance in the medical drama ‘White Tower’ (2007) and further recognition for his role in ‘Coffee Prince’ (2007). He starred in various films and shows that made him a household name, including ‘Behind The White Tower,’ ‘Pasta’ (2010), and ‘My Mister’ (2018).

‘Parasite’ Role: His most notable role was portraying Park Dong-ik, the father of the affluent family owning the house in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Parasite,’ released in 2019. He and the entire movie cast received a Screen Actors Guild Award for their performances.

Legal Issues: Lee Sun-kyun had been under investigation by the police regarding alleged use of marijuana and other psychoactive substances. The inquiry negatively impacted his reputation, leading to his removal from ‘No Way Out,’ a mystery TV series that commenced filming in October, according to BBC reports.

Surviving Family: He is survived by his wife and two children, enduring this tragic loss.

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