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Last Message of Ali Banat

Ali Banat who was unknown for the most of the people across the globe before his last video message which he recorded before his death went viral on social media. In this video which was released following his death Ali not only talked about his personal life but also gave life changing message to all the Muslims living around the world.

The video starts with these shocking words “I have passed away. I just wanted to make a little video clip for all the followers that have supported me from day one and come on this journey with me since day one. May Allah reward all you guys and insha’Allah you continue to support me and MATM insha’Allah. One of the first thing is a little piece of advice to the brothers and sisters. As you can see in this life we had cars, we had the money, we had everything Alhamdulillah. But subhanAllah a lot of people during the period of when I was sick they would send me messages, brother you are guaranteed Paradise, brother you have” after these words Ali completely broke down in tears. I am not going to write whole message because video clip is available on internet but the crux of the video is we don’t know when we are going to pass away sudden death or something else may be the reason. So we should just try to make good goals rather good plans so that on the Day of Judgment Allah will reward us not only in this world but hereafter also. Trust and Tawakul upon Allah are two important things for this. Ali Banat born on February 16 1982 was a Sydney born millionaire. He made money from a security and electrical company, and in an interview with Mohamed Hoblos he showed the lavish lifestyle he led. Ali was fond of sports cars and Louis Vuitton. But his life completely changed when he was diagnosed with cancer. After this he sold his business and founded the Muslim Around The World Project “MATW” it was through this project Ali started providing food, shelter and education to the indigent people of African countries. On 29 May 2018 Ali Banat sadly passed away after suffering from cancer for three years. On social media sites like Facebook Twitter Instagram everyone paid rich tribute to Ali. Adam Saleh famous YouTuber twitted “Inna lillahiwainnailayhiraji’un! Ali Banat was an inspiration to me and to this WORLD!! He had an emotional story to tell the world how he was gifted with Cancer!! He always had a SMILE!! I’m shattered that he lost his battle to cancer!! Please keep him in your prayers” The message for us from the life of Ali is we should always remember death keeps no calendar. Allah the creator bestowed chance to Ali to change his lifestyle and he remembered the death because of his illness. So message for us is let’s change our lives and prepare ourselves for the life after death. As our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has rightly said in this well known hadith that “Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth before you become old and your health, before you fall sick and your richnes, before you become poor and your free time before you become busy and your life before your death” so the wise one is who takes good advantage of these five matters and one who tries to arrive at the goal and then has Tawakkul in Allah. Ali Banat is no more, but the work he did before his death is charitable. With this hope in the month of Ramadan I hope we Muslims will learn a good lesson from the life of Ali. May Allah have mercy on his soul and may Allah reward him with Jannah.

(The writer is studying at university of Kashmir and can be mailed at: [email protected])