KPDCL pledges to eliminate power theft

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SRINAGAR: In a decisive move to curb the persistent menace of power pilferage, the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has declared a relentless commitment to putting an end to these illicit activities.

This stern stance is reinforced by a clear warning that consumers engaged in power theft will face severe consequences under the Electricity Act. News agency KNS reported that the announcement comes as a response to the growing concern over the unauthorized consumption of electricity, negatively impacting the distribution network and burdening honest consumers.

KPDCL has signaled its determination to maintain the integrity of the power supply system by addressing power pilferage head-on. “We are steadfast in our mission to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of electricity. Power theft not only undermines the reliability of our services but also imposes an undue burden on law-abiding consumers. This will not be tolerated,” a top KPDCL official said. 

He said that to execute this commitment effectively, KPDCL is set to implement stringent measures, employing advanced technologies and vigilant monitoring systems. “Surveillance teams are already in the field to identify and apprehend those involved in power pilferage. The corporation encourages the public to report any suspicious activities related to electricity theft, assuring confidentiality,” the official added.

Under the Electricity Act, consumers found guilty of power pilferage can face legal consequences, including hefty fines and disconnection of power supply. KPDCL aims to create a deterrent effect, discouraging any potential offenders from engaging in such practices.

The corporation is also working on an awareness campaign to educate consumers about the detrimental effects of power theft and the legal ramifications they might face. With these proactive measures, KPDCL is determined to bring an end to the menace of power pilferage. The corporation is also set to heighten its efforts against consumers exceeding their sanctioned load and resorting to crude heating gadgets. These unauthorized practices have been identified as contributing factors to power outages and damage to distribution transformers. (KNS)

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