Know Your Passenger Rights When Facing Flight Delays

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Social media has recently been abuzz with videos capturing passenger frustrations directed at ground staff in various country airports. The multitude of reasons for flight disruptions, from plane shortages to weather conditions and crew deficits, often leaves passengers uninformed, leading to chaotic situations at airports.

In November, airlines compensated around 2.69 lakh passengers for delays, nearly 40 thousand for cancellations, and 1231 for denied boarding incidents. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) enforces specific Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) to address delayed, canceled, and overbooked flights, with the responsibility for compliance lying with the operating airline, including those utilizing wet-leased aircraft.

Denied boarding occurs when an airline overbooks seats. The airline must initially seek volunteers to surrender their seats in exchange for benefits. If boarding is involuntarily denied, the airline is obligated to arrange an alternative flight within one hour of the scheduled departure. Failure to do so mandates compensation equivalent to 200% of the booked one-way fare, capped at INR 10,000 for flights within 24 hours.

For delays exceeding 24 hours, the compensation increases to 400% of the fare, capped at INR 20,000. Refunding the ticket and providing compensation equal to 400% of the basic fare, capped at INR 20,000, is necessary if the passenger opts out of the alternative flight. Compensation for connecting flights is restricted to the first leg.

Cancellation protocols dictate that airlines inform passengers at least two weeks before the travel date. If canceled between two weeks and 24 hours before departure, the airline must offer an alternate flight or refund the ticket. However, last-minute fares pose challenges for passengers.

Missed connecting flights or lack of information warrants compensation, varying based on flight duration.

Flight delays beyond specified times mandate refreshments or meals, with accommodations for longer delays.

Despite efforts to address various scenarios in the Civil Aviation Regulation, loopholes exist, allowing airlines to exploit situations, especially concerning Air Traffic Control issues and crew transfers, often causing delays.”

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