Khyber Agro set to introduce tetra packaging

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SRINAGAR: Khyber Agro, a seasoned company with three decades of service, is set to make history in Kashmir by introducing tetra packaging for milk products, said Managing Director, Manan Tramboo, on Friday.

Expressing the company’s primary focus on the dairy sector, Tramboo highlighted Khyber’s commitment to innovation, stating, “We will be the first private company to introduce tetra packs in the UT,” Tramboo told.

Anticipating a significant milestone, Khyber Agro has scheduled a dealer meet on January 1st, named the “Khyber Championship.” During this event, the company plans to unveil a new brand logo and packaging. Tramboo emphasized their unique approach, stating, “We are moving in a direction where no one else is heading, all for the benefit of our farmers,” he said.

With this pioneering initiative, Khyber Agro aims to become the first national brand in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, signaling a new era in the region’s dairy industry.

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