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Khursheed’s statement welcome, introspection the way forward: Farooq

Srinagar, Apr 25: National Conference President and Member of Parliament for Srinagar, Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday while welcoming the remarks for Senior Congress Leader Mr. Salman Khursheed made at the Aligarh Muslim University, said introspection at a national level was important to initiate reconciliation between various communities in the country.
Farooq said injustices of the past needed to be acknowledged and cannot be repeated. “Muslims in India have contributed vastly and selflessly towards the progress and the integrity of the country but the past is replete with various instances where they have been at the receiving end of injustice, inequality and prejudice at the policy level. Salman Khursheed Sahab’s statement is introspective and should be welcomed and other political parties at the national level should also acknowledge the injustices of the past so that such mistakes are not repeated in the future”, Farooq said in a statement.
He said inclusivity, respect and dignity should form the cornerstones of a policy outreach towards Muslims in India as also other minorities.
“A sense of dignity and inclusivity needs to be restored, especially in the face of divisive rhetoric and communal ploys as a result of which Muslims are faced with a new challenge of political and economic disempowerment. At regular intervals various committees were formed to formally analyse the systemic socio-economic disempowerment of minorities in the country but despite credible and conclusive reports, no significant movement was made towards the path of affirmative action, redressal and closure in the context of various injustices of the past”, Farooq added.
Farooq said, similarly, the national political leadership – cutting across political and partisan lines – should introspect about the injustices meted out in Jammu and Kashmir and accept the mistakes of the past in order to rectify them.
“There needs to be a consensus at the national level to rise above partisan politics and do justice with Jammu and Kashmir so that the State can be ushered into a corrective era of peace and stability”, he said.