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Kathua Rape-Murder: Victim’s family unable to access money donated for legal expenses

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Srinagar, Nov 14: Nearly 10 months after the gruesome incident, parents of the Kathua rape-and-murder victim are yet to access the money provided to them for fighting the case.
According to the family, the money, in lakhs, was credited to their bank account by various NGOs and people across India to bear the expenses of the case in Pathankot court.
Father of the victim, Muhammad Yusuf said his joint bank account with the victim’s biological father Mohammad Akhter, shockingly, showed no money, as, he said, it was “scrutinised for huge transactions”.
“It happened in May this year and since then our bank account shows no money. We have been able to fight the case legally with the help of the money that was being deposited in this account,” he said.
Yusuf recently went to the office of the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) office in New Delhi to seek clearance for using the money credited to his bank account.
A letter Yusuf submitted at the commission office read that he earlier submitted a complaint at the commission regarding the sudden freezing of his bank account.
“I haven’t even received any number for the same,” his letter mentioned.
Yusuf, who is currently living with his family and flock of livestock at Samba fears that problems for them will grow further if they don’t get money on time.
“We are wandering here and there with our livestock. It requires a huge sum for continuing our case in the court. Besides, our financial problems have also grown since the incident happened last year,” he said.
Soon after the incident occurred, Yusuf along with his family moved to Kashmir with his livestock to graze during summers.
He currently is in Samba and hasn’t visited to his village where he lives since last 30 years due to the fear as well as non -availability of the food for his livestock.
Advocate Deepika Rajawat, who fought for the justice to the victim, said she was awaiting confirmation from the authorities about it.
“Let me confirm it first and will act accordingly,” she said.