Kashmiri student died in Iran, family appeals for help

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In a heartbreaking turn of events, Mohammad Arsalan Kanjwal, a 4th-year medical student hailing from Nawpora, Sopore, studying at IUMS in Iran, has passed away. Despite two days having elapsed since his demise, there has been no significant progress in facilitating the repatriation of his body to Kashmir.

The grieving family and community now urgently appeal for assistance, calling on news outlets to broadcast this tragic news in the hope that it will garner the attention needed to expedite the process of bringing Arsalan’s remains back to his homeland.

Furthermore, a plea is made to authorities to intervene and coordinate with the embassy and the university in Iran, ensuring swift communication and logistical support to overcome the challenges in repatriating the deceased student.

This distressing situation emphasizes the need for immediate action and collaborative efforts to provide solace to the mourning family and fulfill the final wishes of Mohammad Arsalan Kanjwal.

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