Kashmiri noon chai sells in US restaurant but with a catch: Check out this unique combo

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We all love noon chai (pink tea unique to Kashmir). It is a signature Kashmiri brew that almost every household in the valley drinks every morning. Coupled with Kander Tchott (Kashmiri bread), noon chai is part of our daily food habits and our culture.

Kashmiris who are living in several parts of the world, however, miss it when they are travelling or settle down in a distant country far away from their beautiful land.

A Twitter user Heera H, whose bio says she is an Indian-American Saturday shared a picture of noon chai in a Colorado restaurant. Yes! you read it right!

“Can’t believe there’s iced Kashmiri chai bubble tea in the middle of Colorado,” she tweeted along with a picture of a glass container with icecubes dipped in noon chai.

While it is a combination no Kashmiri has ever heard of, for someone, who is missing noon chai dearly, stumbling upon his or her favourite tea oceans away, even if it is ice-cold, would anyway bring smiles.

A user commented on Heera’s post about the extra pink colour of the ice-noon chai: “Mmmmm looks suspect. That’s not noon chai pink, that’s rooh afza pink.”


To it, Heera replied: “There was a hint of the Kashmiri chai taste but definitely extra milk/watered down.”

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