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Kashmiri model and Ranbir Kapoor lookalike dies due to cardiac arrest

Srinagar: In a tragic development, Junaid Shah, a young Kashmiri model who was known for his resemblance to Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, has passed away at his Srinagar residence on Friday.

Source: Instagram

He passed away at his home in Ellahi Bagh Srinagar after he suffered a cardiac arrest.


He had recently returned to Srinagar from Mumbai to take care of his ailing father Nissar Ahmed Shah.

The family’s former neighbour and veteran Kashmir journalist, Yusuf Jameel said that Junaid died due to “massive cardiac arrest overnight.”

“Our old neighbor Nissar Ahmed Shah’s son Junaid passed away due to massive cardiac arrest overnight. People say he was a lookalike of Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor.I say he was a big hope, strength & salvation of his ailing father and his mother & that of whole Kashmir. Magfirah! ” Jameel tweeted.

Junaid had gained popularity way back in 2014-15 when his pictures went viral with people comparing him to Ranbir.

As per reports, Junaid also featured on many TV channels, including Zoom TV, MTV and Zee TV.

He became popular after young Kashmiris widely shared his pictures alongside Ranbir Kapoor on Facebook.

He became an instant hit not only among the Valley youth, but all over the country.

Ranbir’s late father and Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor too had reacted to his picture on Twitter.

“OMG. My own son has a double!!! Promise cannot make out. A good double,” Rishi had tweeted.