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Kalonji Seeds For Weight Loss: 4 Best Uses

Kalonji seeds, Nigella seeds or black cumin; this spice has many names and likewise, it has many benefits too. The little seeds of this spice usually go unnoticed, while discussing the healthiest of all herbs and spices. But once you know what kalonji seeds are capable of, you will never miss mentioning them in a list of the healthiest spices ever! One of the most popular benefits of kalonji seeds is weight loss. These seeds can help you shed oodles of weight in no time, but only if used the right way

But before you dig into the weight loss benefits of kalonji seeds, let’s take a look at the other health benefits of these seeds:

Improves memory and concentrationRegulates blood sugar levels, thereby controlling diabetesReduces bad cholesterol levelsKeeps hypertension in checkImproves heart healthNatural painkiller for joint pains and headachesStrengthens immune systemAlso read: 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kalonji (Nigella Seeds)
How kalonji seeds promote weight loss?

Kalonji seeds are very helpful when it comes to inducing weight loss. Just a handful of these seeds can work wonders in cutting body weight, belly fat to be more specific. These seeds are high in terms of fiber and prevent you from over-eating. Adding just a spoonful of these seeds to food increases the nutritional value of food and also induces satiety.

We have lined up some simple remedies using kalonji seeds which will help you lose weight in no time.

  1. Kalonji with water, lemon and honey

Add some lemon juice to a glass of warm water and drink it. Now take some kalonji seeds and swallow them with a glass of warm water. Eat a spoon of honey at the end.

  1. Kalonji with lemon

Take some kalonji seeds in a bowl and squeeze lemon juice over it till it is covered with lemon juice. Now keep it out in the sun till the seeds dry out. This may take a day or two. Consume 8 to 10 seeds twice a day. After a week, you will notice some reduction in belly fat.

  1. Kalonji with water, lemon and honey (another way)

Squeeze the juice of a lemon is a glass of warm water. Now add a few crushed kalonji seeds to it. Add only 3 or 4 at a time. Too much can disturb your digestive tract. Now add a spoonful of honey to it and drink this concoction. This will cut belly fat easily and will help you get the flat abs you always hoped for.

  1. Kalonji in your food

Add kalonji seeds to grilled vegetables, chutneys and salads and make the most of its health benefits. Just a spoonful of kalonji seeds can promote weight loss in a safer and natural way.

A word of caution

While using kalonji seeds, you must follow a rule of thumb; never use more than three to five seeds at a time. This can cause Pitta and three doshas on the body. Pregnant women, too, need to be careful while using these seeds. They are likely to induce excess heat in the body, thereby leading to an abortion.