JKRLM & Food Safety Department Collaborate to Empower SHGs with Food Safety Training

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SRINAGAR, JANUARY 10;Jammu & Kashmir Rural Livelihoods Mission (JKRLM) has collaborated with the Food & Safety Department Kashmir to conduct a comprehensive training program on food safety for Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of JKRLM.

The training program conducted on the directions of Mission Director JKRLM, Indu Kanwal Chib, was held at Kashmir Haat.

The objective of the training program was to enhance the understanding and implementation of food safety practices among members of the SHGs involved in food-related businesses. The idea was to equip them with essential food safety practices and standards.

More than 30 SHGs of JKRLM, especially those dealing with the food sector, participated in the one-day training session, held under the supervision of District Program Manager Srinagar, Madina Bukhari. The program aimed to provide practical knowledge and skills to ensure the production, handling, and storage of safe and hygienic food products. Various aspects of food safety were covered, including hygiene, prevention of cross-contamination, temperature control, and labeling requirements.

The training program highlighted the importance of maintaining food safety standards to protect consumer health and enhance business credibility. Through comprehensive guidance and expert advice, the SHGs were empowered to adopt best practices that meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Commissioner Food & Safety Department Kashmir, Yameen ul Nabi, highlighted the crucial role of this training initiative as part of a broader program to strengthen livelihood opportunities for rural women. He further emphasized the collaborative efforts between JKRLM and the Food and Safety Department to improve food safety practices among SHG members. By gaining the necessary knowledge and skills from this training, SHGs can actively contribute to ensuring the production and distribution of safe food products, he added.

He emphasized the importance of this training in promoting hygiene practices and other essential techniques. He commended the SHG members and encouraged them to effectively apply the acquired skills learned during the training to enhance their livelihoods.

Madina Bukhari, District Program Manager JKRLM Srinagar, stressed the significance of empowering SHGs with knowledge and skills in food safety. She stated that empowering SHGs in this area is crucial for their success and the well-being of their consumers. This training program represents a key step towards improving the quality and safety of locally produced food products, making them more competitive in the market.

In addition, she mentioned that the training program was highly beneficial for SHG members interested in entering the food sector. They gained valuable knowledge and skills in food safety practices, which will enable them to produce safe and high-quality food products. This will not only enhance their business credibility but also protect consumer health. The Food and Safety Department of Kashmir is dedicated to supporting SHGs in their journey towards producing safe and high-quality food products. This training program is part of a larger effort to create livelihood opportunities and promote sustainable development in UT of J&K.

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