JEE Main 2022: Prepare with the help of these tips

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The country’s biggest engineering entrance exam JEE Main is proposed next month. In such a situation, it is necessary to make good use of time in the last days so that you can score maximum marks in the examination.

For this, here are some important guidelines and tips, which can prove useful to improve your performance in the examination.

JEE Main 2022 Preparation Tips: Prepare with the help of these tips

Focus on the material you are having:

Students should avoid learning any new topic these days. Try to revise as much of what you have studied so far, because the more you practice, the stronger will be your grip on the subject and topics.

Focus on NCERT concepts:

Focus more on NCERT, because in the last few years, a maximum number of questions have been asked from NCERT itself. Especially in chemistry, if you take the help of NCERT textbooks and other study materials, then it will prove to be useful.

If any topic is weak, then practice by solving as many previous years papers as possible. This will increase the confidence along with the grip on the topic. The fear will go away.

Adapt positive environment:

Exam preparation also requires consideration of time and surroundings. In such a case, make every effort to ensure that your family and surrounding surroundings are supportive of your education.

Focus on sample papers:

Give as many mock tests as possible at the time of the exam. At this time, with the help of mock tests, students will be able to adapt themselves to the time and environment of the examination.

While giving mock tests, try to clear the old mistakes, because the more mistakes are removed, the better will be the performance. Do analysis after mock test. You can also get good marks if you are preparing withOswaal JEE (Main) Mock Test Sample Question Paper Physics Chemistry Mathematics for Exam 2022. Students will get ease of chapter-wise preparation and learning tactics:

  • Latest JEE (Main) Four Question Paper 2021- Fully solved
  • Previous Years’ (2019-2020) Exam Questions to facilitate focused study
  • Mind Map: A single page snapshot of the entire chapter for longer retention
  • 15 Sample Question Papers based on the latest pattern with detailed explanations
  • QR Codes: Easy to scan QR codes for online concept-based content
  • Trend Analysis: Chapter-wise

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Make yourself familiar with exam pattern:

It is critical to familiarize yourself with the exam format. Knowing what types of questions will be asked and how many will be asked may help you better prepare for the exam.

Summer is here, and the most difficult task is to stay healthy. Juice, lemonade, and coconut water are some examples of beverages to consume.


Angular Movement, Movement of Inertia, Collision of Point Particles, Kinematics, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Current Electricity (Emphasis on Circuits), Electromagnetics Induction (Emphasis on Inductance), Geometrical Optics, Wave Optics (Emphasis on YDSE), Modern Physics and Errors There are some important topics on which we should have control.

However, there is no prior information about the syllabus and pattern of the paper.


The questions are more based on NCERT Syllabus. Apart from this, the level of questions is also easy to moderate and difficult. In the JEE Main 2021 paper, out of 20 questions in the first section, mostly theory-based, were asked from organic and inorganic chemistry.

In the second section, 10 numerical questions were from Physical Chemistry.

Out of which only five questions were to be attempted. To score well in the paper, avoid solving those questions which take a lot of time to calculate.

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In the analysis of previous years’ JEE-Main question papers in Maths it has been seen that questions are asked from almost all the chapters of the syllabus, so to get a good score you must revise the entire syllabus thoroughly.

– Vector and 3D are the main ones, as at least 3 questions are required in the question paper from these subjects which are of 12 marks.

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