India-Pak dialogue ‘absolute essential element’ for resolving Kashmir issue: UN chief

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres asserted that “dialogue” between India and Pakistan is an “absolute essential element” for resolving the Kashmir issue.

“Our capacity is related to good offices and good offices can only be implemented when the parties accept it. On the other hand, it relates to advocacy. The advocacy was expressed and will be maintained,” Guterres told a press conference at the UN headquarters.


The UN chief was asked about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and what will he do to bring a solution to the Kashmir issue.

“I go on with a clear opinion that human rights must be fully respected in the territory and I go on with the clear opinion that dialogue between India and Pakistan is an absolute essential element for the solution of the problem,” he said.

India has always maintained that the Kashmir issue is an internal matter and there is no need for a third-party mediation, including either from the UN or the US.

The UN Secretary General has also repeatedly asserted that his good offices are available only if both India and Pakistan ask for it.

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