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In this MP village, no child birth since 400 years

New Delhi, May 11: For the last 400 years, a village in Madhya Pradesh has practiced a strange tradition whereby women are not allowed to deliver new-borns inside the village boundary.

The tradition stems from a belief that the village has been cursed by the gods, media reports said here on Friday.

Residents of SankaShyamJi village in Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh say the tradition is in the vogue since the 16th century.

For the past 400 years, no women from this village ever delivered a child in the village. Residents express fear that if a woman delivers a child inside the village, either the new-born will be deformed or the child or mother will die.

The report said the village elders claimed that the village was cursed by gods sometime around the 16th century.

The locals say that when gods were trying to build a temple in this village, they got distracted by a woman who was grinding wheat. Angered over this, the villagers say, the gods cursed the village that no child shall be born there.

Since then, pregnant women are taken outside the village boundary at the time of delivery. A separate room has also been constructed for this.

NarendraGurjar, village sarpanch, said, “It is believed that the construction of a temple by gods was disrupted by a woman and hence the curse was set upon this village.”

He added: “Nearly 90 per cent of the deliveries take place in the hospitals. In case of an emergency, deliveries also take place outside the village boundary.”