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In defence of Kashmir ceasefire

I am of the opinion that we should welcome ceasefire initiative of Govt of India.Since India enjoys upper hand in Kashmir especially from the last few months and if in such a win win situation India announces ceasefire it needs to be appreciated with an open heart because a common Kashmiri who becomes victim of prevalent situation would be its biggest beneficiary.Why should we oppose it if cycle of killings will cease to operate for this holy month at least? The ceasefire announcement simply means that we are able to save dozens of human lives from getting killed regardless to which side they belong to. Therefore i as a common citizen deem it appropriate to welcome this unilateral step by mighty Indian State.

This ceasefire will not only prove beneficial for a particular party or side but every party engaged in conflict will get its fruits as we have seen that escalation and tension has harmed our collective interests and consumed human lives irrespective of their status, nationality, colour, creed or anything else. Whether it is an Indian,Pakistani or a Kashmiri, everybody faces worst situations equally in absence of normalcy over here. But ceasefire should not be kept confined to the holy month of Ramzan,instead it is required to be carry forward till a sustainable and result oriented peace and dialogue process is brought into existence.Ceasefire is not only a timely suspension of violence, but it is actually a confidence building measure and encouraging step towards peace in a region engaged in conflict like Kashmir.Hence it can pave way for a sustainable dialogue on Kashmir issue and it will provide an opportunity to every party in the conflict to negotiate over the pending Kashmir issue and understand each other in a friendly manner. Hurriyat from the very beginning has stressed upon the Government of India to stop killing Kashmiris and to lodge protest against continues killings Kashmiris have observed countless shut downs on call of separatist camp.

Now if India shows intentions to end cycle of killings here by announcing ceasefire why we oppose it now. Logic behind opposing it seems not genuine.

Though, I have not been mandated to represent the masses but in my individual capacity I request all groups to take advantage of the ceasefire and lay foundation for permanent resolution of Kashmir issue.The offer of GOI need to be encountered equally but with a positive response and in case this offer is rejected, it will weaken our movement on International level and also sympathizers of Kashmiris will have to back out from lobbying in our favour.

Through this offer of ceasefire Indian Government has conveyed to the world community including its own citizen that it is not in favour of bloodshed in Kashmir and in case Hurriyat Conference or militants reject this offer it would simply mean to the world that these groups are not in favour of peace.In such situations we need to be diplomatic, strategic and sound.

Through this announcement,Modi Government has indirectly agreed that Kashmir is a problem and those to whom his government offered ceasefire are party to the dispute. India should be sincere while dealing with Kashmir and dialogue process with all involved parties should be initiated with an honest intent, so that lost confidence on institution of dialogue is restored. Institution of dialogue should not be made untrustworthy onwards.

United Jihad Council chairman Syed Salahudin is requested to have some thought pooling on this issue.

(The writer is a well known lawyer, journalist and an activist)