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Imagine wazwaan with invitation card: This family sent over wedding feast to online guests…literally

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While the wedding season is over in Kashmir, we all know that even Covid-19 couldn’t stop people here from attending the crowded feasts to relish the different dishes of Wazwaan.

In fact while people tried to limit the number of guests and serve each guest individually rather than in a trami (a plate meant for four), we know that such precautions were for only a handful while most stuck to the original theme, disregarding the SOPs, and making the virus have a field day.


But what if we tell you that a certain family in India has decided to take precautions to the next level by inviting guests to an online wedding while sending over the food to them along with the invitation card. Yes! literally parceling the food to them with an invitation to attend the marriage ceremony.

This is the kind of marriage where the bride and the groom simply ask friends and relatives to join the webcast online – a practice which has become all the rage in recent times keeping in mind the restrictions.

A Tamil family home-delivered wedding food along with an invitation to attend it, virtually. The post has gone viral on social media. Imagine if something like that starts happening in Kashmir. For starters, we may need a bigger basket to fit our wazwaan.

Take a look at the post and the reactions:

The post was shared by user @Astro_Healer_Sh, who was one of the invitees of the wedding. In the tweet, she shows pictures of a wedding invitation that she received from a Tamil family. Along with a printed card of the details of the webcast timings and links, the invitation also came with proper ‘Kalyana Sappadu’ or wedding meal. The meal came in 4 brightly-coloured tiffin carriers and contained up to 18 different dishes inside.

The Tamil family organising the wedding took the utmost care to cater to their guests, so that they could enjoy the sumptuous wedding feast in the comfort of their own homes which watching the online wedding. In fact, they even sent a detailed diagram with instructions about how to arrange the dishes on the plantain leaf as part of the wedding feast.

The unique wedding trend soon went viral on Twitter, receiving 13.7k likes and thousands of comments and retweets. Many users complimented the Tamil family on their creativity and how their move would reduce food wastage. A few others said that this move would actually get them excited for a virtual wedding. Some also laughed about the difficulty that people would face in crashing the wedding just for food.

Here are some of the reactions: