I don’t like defining people or be defined: Lisa Ray

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Actress Lisa Ray, who plays a lesbian in web series “Four More Shots Please”, says she doesn’t like the idea of labelling or defining people, especially when it comes to one’s choice of partner.

Excerpts from the interview:

How has life been treating you? I believe some beautiful things have happened to you during the past year?

Yes, the birth of my daughters, interesting professional opportunities, cancer advocacy and continued personal and spiritual growth. My memoir is releasing this year. It’s called “Close to the Bone” and it will be published by Harper Collins India. I’m both excited and nervous. I consider myself a writer first and foremost. I have written my entire life. But this is the first time I’m publishing a book.

You will find my byline now in articles and magazines and I see my book as not only a way to share my personal viewpoint and how I’ve grown and learnt through a variety of experiences, but as my launch as a writer. I’m already planning my next book. And the one after that.

In a new web series, “Four More Shots Please”, you play a lesbian. This isn’t the first time you have played a lesbian. What is your level of empathy for the LGBT community?

I honestly don’t think in terms of labels and I don’t have boundaries in my head, particularly when it comes to choosing partners.

LGBT community?

I’ve lived all over the world and I have friends of so many backgrounds, I refuse to define them.

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