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I am a ‘Kaamdar’, not ‘naamdar’; my values can’t be changed: PM Modi


New Delhi :Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said “external influences” won’t change his values, answering a question in a Hindustan Times interview about how Delhi has shaped him since he came to power more than four years ago.
“I come from a very humble background and it has been my belief that it is with the blessings of the mother earth that I have achieved what I have achieved. I want to always remain grounded to the mother earth and to my values,” he said in the emailed interview.
“My strength comes from my roots. I am a Kaamdar (one who works) with a humble origin, I am not a Naamdar (one who is privileged) born with a silver spoon in his mouth. My linkage to my lineage, roots and values is not something that can be changed or modified by any external influence,” he said.
Modi fought the 2014 elections as an agent of change, talking about development for the weakest and challenging the elite power circles of Delhi. In the interview, he stressed on development again. “It is my work and the work of this government for our country that will be our greatest achievement and it will be crystal clear for all to see,” he said when he was asked what is his theme for the 2019 elections.
My platform will be all round development, quick development and development for all. My achievement will be the happiness of the poor woman in a remote village in North East when she makes food on a gas stove given to her under the Ujjwala Scheme. The satisfaction she derives with the additional time available to her to engage in economically productive activities will be my achievement; my achievement will be the lights shining in a village that has got electricity after 70 years, a village which has got a road…The list is endless and I assure you that many more are yet to be added,” he said, referring to a range of government schemes.
Modi said he looks forward Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday, but the occasion should become more than a “platform” to launch programmes. “15th August and 26th January are both important days and have been used to announce major initiatives. However, I do not subscribe to this view that this day is a platform to launch campaigns. Nothing could be farther from the truth, or more demeaning, in fact. The Independence Day is a festival of our independence. It is a day to remember the people who gave their lives for our independence and to take a pledge to follow the path shown by them. To thank them and be grateful for the freedom we enjoy. And also to realise that the freedom has to be enjoyed responsibly,” he said.