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Hundreds wounded in Israeli forces’ crackdown over Palestinians protesting eviction in Jerusalem

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Palestinian woman bleeds profusely as Israeli forces hit her on the face on her way to pray Laylat Al-Qadr at AlAqsa Mosque. Source: Twitter @palinfoen

Scores of Palestinians were injured Saturday as Israeli police fired water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse those protesting against the illegal move to evict several Muslim families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.

The protests are against Israel’s move to evict Palestinian families from their houses in Sheikh Jarrah following a long legal battle with right-wing Jewish Israelis who are trying to take over the properties in the neighbourhood.


The fresh violence, a day after more than 200 people were wounded at Al-Aqsa mosque, prompted international calls for an end to the violence.

Palestinians pray taraweeh at Al-Aqsa mosque in strength and resilience a day after aggressive attacks from Israel.(Source: Twitter @palinfoen)

Police said they dispersed the rally in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood where demonstrators had thrown stones at Israeli occupational forces.

The clash came to a halt when Israeli police arrived at the scene and arrested at least 15 people, all of them Palestinians, the Times of Israel reported.

During the on-going holy month of Ramadan, palestinians have been gathering for nightly iftars (the meal held after breaking the day-long fast). On Thursday, extreme-right Islareli lawmaker MK Itamar Ben-Gvir set up a makeshift parliamentary office across the street from the iftar meal.

During one such iftar gathering, the clash broke out after an Israeli sprayed pepper spray at the Palestinian iftar table.

Meanwhile this video from Tuesday shared by Producer at Al Jazeera, Lina Alsaafin shows homes of Palestinians being raided.

Several Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah may be evicted from their homes in the near future if the Supreme Court of Israel turns down their appeal against a pending eviction.

Their homes will be taken over by Jewish nationalists who believe that these Palestinian homes were built on land owned by Jewish associations before the State of Israel was established.