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Human and desires

October 13, 2018

By Aaqib Javaid

Every individual strife hard to create his/her own space where he/she can feel full peace, satisfaction and also wishes to be loved genuinely. The voyage for laying down the foundation is as simple as the question of life ‘?’
Humans – came with a peaceful silence into the world until the doctor hit his back and the first cry out makes everyone happy. This is the first joyful stroke, a man gets in this world. Soon the cry became aloud, it gave birth to the desires too. First desire – to see the baby’s smile, and with that, the spree of desires began to increase for every single day of life.
Fact is, the fuss of all desires never rose from a baby. Desires never have beginning and end. At the instant baby knees begin to crawl, then countless wishes and desires raise. Trying to stand him/her on feet even after many falls. The day he/she holds his/her feet up, the birth of desires within took place. Random hits on the attractive object became the point of his/ her faded consciousness. This span of time helps him\her to experience about the cognitions, feelings and focus on the visible entity. When he/she took the first steps for carrying out actions against his/her loved possessions, taste buds of satisfaction and happiness initiates to set up.
Variation towards the desires steadily changes — from one toy to another. While On the journey of variations, he/she faces many restrictions on a certain level. And the circumference of limitations is embroidered on the desire paths of his/her mind. Sadness touches the feet of his/her heart, whenever some blockade came on his/her road of desire.
Unknowingly, the chapter of hatred has been indulged inside them, with the expression of severe aggression and angriness. Our consciousness toward desires resemble with the flame of a candle — strongly hunting for enlightening more and more space for our self-desires and forget that our other part is melting too.

Teen-age / Adolescence: A content of growing up and carriage of changes in attitude, voice, body, perception, attraction, emotions, feelings and desires. It is also an Age of risks, lying, betrayal, mistakes and an ideal thought of being wise or some call it ‘a mesmerizing trip of desires’. The more important challenge is dealing with pressure and stress for their brains — which just haven’t physically matured yet. Illusion among liking and disliking occurs mostly among them. Desire is the only weapon that either destroy or protects the person. Good and evil both are on their track to absorb them and it depends upon his/her choice of desires. I personally demarcate this age as — A Crucial stage of dilemmas with the different route of desires leading towards different destinies.
When adolescence reaches to end, a new phase of life starts, whom we usually in a collective term called as” youth”. During this tenure different connotations of life develops for a person. This is the baggage of desires and battle for proving our self, passion and also a voyage for finding the love of life. The desire of luxuries, comfort, love, career, family, enjoyment, etc. is its key elements. Here, the person’s only desire is to stab his/her name and fame everywhere and influence the whole community. Every day passes with a new aim for new desires.
Soon the young blood’s heat lower to a normal temperature, the age of sharing the desires came on the table of life. The heart and soul became sharable to partner and the desires of both persons get merge into one whole set. Lavishly living and discussing the desires of life. Embracing one another with love and warmth. Obligations for being husband/wife took place on their shoulders. And the vision of their love turned into a love and care for their children. This is the addition to their account of desires without being hesitant.
Every drop of their sweat fall for the desires of children. The desire of life is now the smiling and cheerful face of their children. Like a pot maker who shapes his love for the earth on a wheel; on the same orchestra parent desires to design their growing up kid without any flaw in it. Religious favour also became the fragrance of one person’s desire wing to fly in the sky of peace and repent.
When their children are enough to fly on their own. Expectation raise to a new level with the birth of new desires. Those half- desire which they had left behind are now on new track for transformation. Every action of their children matters a lot for them. Sometimes it brings unending happiness and if the kiss of life strikes hard, then it will flow the stream of unforgettable tears.
And then age has reached where a person needs support for every step of life. He/she wails for ears to listen to them and arms to embrace them. Only desires for those faces, who will accept them. Souls are now connected to the jiggling of newly born grand-souls. Their Whole time passes in evaluating life that — they had lived in past. They had become the hub of the experiences —which are sourced from experiencing life. Desires are not enough in this age but still exists. Just waiting for the peaceful transition from this world. This only happens when their children or family are satisfied and happy with their faded-presence and their good Karma for another world. In this World, there has been no end of desires for man.
During this voyage of desires, we most-time forget or ignore the boundaries which lead us to cross the line of greediness or selfishness. The case is not only related to the wealthy desires, but it is also connected to our bonds around us and outside the circle of family.
Desires are healthful for a body but its excess is poisonous to the soul. Doped in too many desires abandon us and our peace in solitude. Desire’s another form is love. But Love is not a desire until it turns into a string of betrayals. And same is the case with every kind of desire.
Sufis or other saints lived a peaceful and soulful life even in different hardships, it is only because of their true nature towards desire and negligence from betraying any other living soul. The core of peace exists in the happiness of conscience and soul but not in materialistic or self-centred values. Our decision make or destroy any kind of connections. Only we have to do is feed our soul with a thought of learning to understand every action of life. And when our soul became habitant of learning and understanding only then our attitude of forgiveness took birth to save all true connections of life and ultimately lead us to become a peace.
The parameter of variables varies from the scale of imperfection to perfection, reality to vitality, smile to tears, dreams to achievement and so on. The preamble nature of life’s variables lost from not defined to any relative. The absurdity of the truth is always a big Question mark, where an individual is polarised towards the correctness. The notions of socialite attractions rotate like the reflection of the Prism. The relativity of finding congruence digs the deep well of contemplation with only a handful of water, which falls down drop by drop and becomes an illusion with the runaway thoughts.
Desires to lose in the streams of waterfalls are prioritized by the actions of ones who are us but not we. Where to drown and where to swim carries a thin border in between the melancholy of existence.
Mirza Ghalib was well-known about all these unending desires of man and had rightly summarised this spree of desire in two lines as:
“Hazaru khawaishey aisi ki har khawaisnh pay daem niklay,
Bohut niklay meray armaan, lekin phir bhi kaem niklay”
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