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Huawei P20 Pro Passes Scratch, Bend, and Burn Test With a Few Hiccups


Huawei P20 Pro, the company’s newest flagship with a unique triple rear camera setup, was launched with the Huawei P20 Lite in India last week, almost a month after the global launch in Paris. Taking on the likes of iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, the P20 Pro is one of the hottest flagships in the market right now. With brilliant camera specifications, two gradient colour variants, and fast internals, Huawei’s latest recently underwent a durability exam that includes scratch, burn, and bend tests.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything got his hands on the latest in smartphone innovation from the Chinese phone maker and put the Huawei P20 Pro to the test. Starting off with the scratch test, it was found out that the P20 Pro started scratching on level 6 of Moh’s hardness scale. It even had “deeper grooves” on level 7. Moving on with the scratch test, the earpiece was found to be durable enough to not fall out with a razor blade’s impact. Even the front-facing fingerprint sensor is said to be “unscratchable”. The Huawei P20 Pro has a durable glass back, with the Huawei and Leica branding and dual-LED flash tucked under it.


Moving to the burn test, the P20 Pro’s 6.1-inch AMOLED display lasted a good 20 seconds on flame impact, although the affected pixels never came back from the dead, leaving a permanent white spot on the display.

The bend test is where the smartphone disappointed the most. With an initial mild flex, the P20 Pro bent more than normal and caused the display to crack from the middle. With the second bend, however, the phone did not deteriorate further. Additionally, JerryRigEverything notes that the screen crack could have been caused due to scratches made in the first instalment of the test. He goes on to say that the Huawei P20 is weaker, in general, compared to a lot of other flagship smartphones.

Recently, the Galaxy S9 was put to test in similar conditions by JerryRigEverything. Comparatively, Samsung’s flagship performed much better than the P20 Pro.