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How Rijiju’s kid convinced him to ditch office to attend her school event


Mumbai :How many times have your kids innocently convinced you to do the things against your will? Remember those late night requests for ice cream or balloons that you so readily agreed to just to bring a smile to your little one’s face. You might be holding the biggest post in your office or even leading the charge of a ministry in the government, but back home, the kid’s wish is your command.
Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju shared a glimpse of this everyday pestering that every parent receives at the hands of their children. In the video posted by Rijiju, his daughter can be heard innocently convincing him to attend the Grand Parents Day at her school. He posted the video with a caption: “This is how my little daughter convinced me to attend her school’s “Grandparents Day” for the first time.”
“Papa, tomorrow is my Grand Parents Day, you must come tomorrow. Mumma always comes to my school, she sees my performance, she sees my dancing but you never ever come in my school. How can that be Papa, (sic)” the cute little kid tells him.
When Rijiju tries reasoning with her citing his work in office, she even gave her ideas on how to convince his boss to skip office.
Rijiju says, “I’ll try to come but I am so busy these days, what to do.” And she quips, “You have office but you (should) tell your boss that I have to go to my daughter’s school. Then your boss will forgive.”
Who wouldn’t listen to this cute little plea? Rijiju had to as well.
He tweeted another photo of himself with his daughter. He captioned it: “Finally, for the first time I could manage a little moment to attend my daughter’s “Grandparents Day” in her school in the absence of any of her grandparents. She was too excited!